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Forget expensive roaming bills! SATSA, in proud partnership with eSimplified, brings you and your clients an easy-to-use eSim portal that will allow affordable data on any phone anywhere in the world.

Members are welcome to offer this to their inbound clients and can even use it for their own outbound travel. 

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Why eSIM

Where Will the eSIM Work?


The SATSA eSIM gives you and your clients (in other words inbound and outbound) effortless access to data as you travel the world. Our services are simple to install and affordably priced and will empower you to land connected in over 200 countries and territories.


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SECURA Traveller


The SECURA Traveller Toolkit is aimed at assisting the industry in promoting the SECURA Traveller App – an innovative safety solution for travellers in South Africa. This comprehensive toolkit provides the necessary marketing assets and information to help you communicate the key benefits of the app and encourage widespread adoption. 


The toolkit includes a range of marketing assets and collateral, such as newsletter banners, social media assets, table talkers and screen displays. It also shares the important national hotline number and SECURA Traveller website details for more information. Also included is a handy step-by-step guide on how to activate the SECURA Traveller App to encourage travellers to download it.   


We aim to make it simple for you to educate tourists on the benefits of downloading the SECURA Traveller App, where they can access emergency medical, crime and travel support at the touch of a button, wherever they find themselves in South Africa.   


The app is available to travellers at R49 per download from, and is valid for 30 days. For drivers or guides, there is an annual subscription at a significantly reduced rate of R350.  


We encourage you to utilise these toolkit resources to promote awareness of SECURA Traveller, ensuring that we collectively work towards the safety and security of every individual travelling around South Africa.  

Additional assets will be added to the toolkit. You can download and check for updates 

on or access the toolkit here


For any queries about SECURA Traveller email

For any queries regarding the toolkit, please email 

SATSA Industry Networks


SATSA pioneered an innovative approach to fostering community and collaboration within the Southern African tourism industry through the creation and management of two pivotal WhatsApp groups: the SATSA Tourism Safety Network and the SATSA Advice Network. These groups have become key tools for members across the region.


The SATSA Tourism Safety Network, with its 800+ participants, serves as a critical platform for sharing real-time, on-the-ground updates and advice concerning tourism safety. This initiative is particularly vital as it empowers the industry to swiftly navigate disruptions, thereby minimising impact on guests and ensuring their experiences remain positive and seamless.


Participants from across the region actively engage in this network, offering up-to-date information and support, making it an essential resource for maintaining the safety and security standards that guests expect from the Southern African tourism industry.


Parallel to this, the SATSA Advice Network, with 500+ members, operates as a dynamic space for members to exchange information, seek advice, and provide mutual assistance. The group facilitates a continuous flow of relevant, actionable advice, fostering an environment where members can leverage collective knowledge and experiences to enhance their services and operational efficiency.


Both groups have demonstrated exceptional performance, underscored by their active engagement and the rich, valuable information shared among participants. This success is not merely a reflection of the platforms themselves but also of the collaborative spirit and professional dedication of the members who contribute to these networks.


SATSA, its members, and its partners diligently monitor numerous industry-specific and national groups to identify and address tourism-related issues promptly. This proactive approach ensures that the networks remain on the forefront of delivering relevant and critical information to its members.


The effectiveness and value of the WhatsApp groups are evident. They not only facilitate a proactive and informed community but also significantly contribute to the overall resilience and adaptability of the Southern African tourism industry. They also underscore SATSA's commitment to offering its members not just a stamp of credibility but also practical, tangible benefits that enhance their operational capabilities and, ultimately, their success.


The SATSA groups are more than just communication tools; they are vibrant communities of practice that embody the spirit of collaboration and mutual support. They stand as testament to the power of collective action in elevating the standards and success of the tourism industry in Southern Africa, making them an invaluable asset and a true value add for all.


Group Terms of Reference 


SATSA Tourism Safety Network

SATSA Advice Network


To join any of these groups, please contact SATSA's COO