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Free to Be South Africa

Free To Be is a B2B destination awareness campaign, launched by SATSA, that aligns trade behind one message - South Africa as a place where you are free to be – and leverages their comms platforms to reach a B2C audience locally and internationally.​ 

The campaign comprises four key tactics:​

  • Creation of a visual Digital Asset hub.
  • Social Media User-Generated Content Campaign.​ 
  • Media and Trade Familiarisation​. 
  • Trade Toolkit​.

Trade partners can leverage any or all tactics at no cost, other than their time simply by indicating their interest.  

Campaign Update Video 

Free To Be South Africa website 

Free To Be Digital Asset Hub 

About Free To Be South Africa PDF 

Let’s Go

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A new way of collaboration
A new way of positioning South Africa’s offering
A new take on public-private partnerships for the greater good of South Africa

Why the Let’s Go Campaign

The pandemic highlighted the need for related sectors and organisations to work together in a whole new way.

Let’s Go is a social movement and amplifier campaign. Underneath the campaign exists several sub-campaigns and tactics with endless options for adding new ideas.

A part of the SATSA 2023 plan to THRIVE, Let’s Go is focussed on marketing collaboration and is relevant and accessible to anyone in the Tourism, Events, Arts & Culture and Heritage (TEACH) space and for anyone in the extended value chain of these sectors.


  • Bring together stakeholders across the Tourism, Events, Arts and Culture, Heritage (TEACH) ecosystem
  • Increase awareness of arts & culture, events and heritage offering in South Africa amongst local and international B2B and B2C audience
  • Upskill the local tourism industry to incorporate TEACH experiences in their packages
  • Promote responsible and inclusive tourism


Events / Meetings / Conferences

  • Develop or amplify existing events, meetings and conferences to place a spotlight on TEACH offerings

Fams (Virtual & Physical)

  • Hosting Tourism Buyers & Tourists Guides on several destination and heritage site virtual & physical familiarisations to exposure and educate them on the TEACH offerings across South Africa

Media & PR Campaign

  • A robust PR campaign in South Africa B2B and Tourism Trade Publications, including press release and content marketing

Partner Owned Platforms

  • Leverage SATSA and partner-owned platforms to reach local trade (newsletter, website, direct outreach)

Social Media

  • Provide social media content that can be used on partner platforms, to amplify the campaign
  • Share regular unique facts about South Africa
  • Use of dark social platforms like TORSA, WhatsApp Group and #TourisminmyBlood Facebook Group


  • Invite influencers to produce new and share existing content in TEACH space
  • Run a competition to identify South Africa’s TEACH champions

Target Audience

Local South African Consumer

  • Holidaymakers and experience seekers in South Africa with disposable income to support experiences and attractions

Local DMCs and Tourist Guides

  • Through SATSA and Partners, reach local trade to create awareness of what’s on offer in the TEACH space and their role in getting it to market

International Trade

  • Through DMCs and products reach international tour operators and agents selling South Africa


Public Sector Partners

  • National Government Provincial Government and Tourism Authorities Local Government, RTO’s and LTO’s

Private Sector Partners

  • Corporate South Africa
  • Influencers


  • Tourism, Events, Arts & Culture, Heritage products and businesses

Partner Benefits

  • Possible Exclusive Sector Partner
  • Use of #Let’sGo Logo, Audio, Visual and other Marketing Collateral
  • SATSA Website exposure (logo, banners, articles, etc)
  • Communication (newsletter articles & stand-alone Mailers)
  • Social Media (dedicated posts, Influencer mentions)
  • Media Exposure (press releases, media interviews)
  • Events (speaking opportunities and branding)
  • Surveys

Teach Product Benefits

  • Free participation for all TBCSA member associations and products listed with RTO’s/LTO’s, Provincial Government, etc.
  • Use of #Let’sGo Logo, Audio, Visual and other Marketing Collateral
  • Marketing to existing and new audiences through various campaign platforms (media, social media, radio and TV)
  • Media and Partner Newsletter Exposure
  • Social Media Exposure
  • Learning opportunities (webinars, events, fams, etc.)

Partners, Corporates, Influencers and TEACH products interested in participating should please contact SATSA COO, Hannelie du Toit at


Destination Marketing

Destination Familiarisation & Regional Growth

As the representative body for private-sector inbound tourism across Southern Africa, SATSA places regional growth high on its agenda – connecting private and public sector to spearhead successful regional initiatives that foster tourism growth and geographic spread.

This is aimed at injecting new energy into the tourism sector, introducing diversity and variety, and ultimately catering to the needs of tourists who are looking for unique and authentic experiences.

Through collaboration and aligning marketing efforts, regions can reach their markets in a more powerful way than working in siloes. SATSA’s regional growth initiatives are aimed at fostering this private-public collaboration as well as growing SME businesses.

To unlock the tourism potential of a region and to achieve regional growth, it is important to invite buyers to the region and showcase the variety of excellent offerings in terms of accommodation, scenery, attractions, activities, and gastronomy.

To this end, SATSA and its partners have been successfully implementing physical familiarisation tours since 2018 and enhanced this during the pandemic to include virtual familiarisation sessions. This involves hosting DMCs, Tour Operators, Travel Agency consultants, as well as Tourists Guides in/on unique destinations to reveal the experiences on offer across South Africa.

The added benefit of virtual fams is the development of an ongoing educational library for new travel agents and tour consultants. Recordings of these fams can be accessed below.

Post-fam surveys indicate that these events are extremely successful in changing buyers’ perceptions about the available products and experiences in the regions and that both buyers and suppliers believe that it will generate new business.

To collaborate on SATSA’s Regional Growth Initiatives, please contact SATSA COO, Hannelie du Toit.



Western Cape

Cederberg Adventure Fam – April 2024

Hosted in partnership with Wesgro, we deep-dived into the rugged and remote Cederberg, Western Cape between 16 and 19 April 2024. Click here for a quick overview video. 

Cederberg Fam

Golf Tourism
Golf Tourism


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South Coast: The Big Blue Sea – 2022, 24 February

South Coast

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South Coast: Hinterland – 2021, 28 May

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South Coast: Lower South Coast – 2021, 25 May

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South Coast: Middle South Coast – 2021, 21 May


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South Coast: Upper South Coast – 2021, 21 May

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KZN: The Elephant Coast – 2020, 30 July

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KZN: Midlands, Drakensberg & Battlefields – 2020, 29 July

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KZN: Durban North & South Coast – 2020, 28 July

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KZN South Coast - Hinterlnd

Northern Cape

Northern Cape: 2021, 3 March

Northern Cape

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Northern Cape: 2020, 25 November

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Northern Cape

Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape: Wild Coast - 2020, 10 November

Eastern Cape: Wild Coast

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Eastern Cape: 2020, 2 September

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Eastern Cape


Limpopo: Route 71 – 2020, 28 May

Limpopo: Route 71

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