Application Process & Annual Review

Membership of SATSA is open to any tourism business in Southern Africa, operational for one year or more, which complies with the requirements for Membership.

Each Member must be financially stable and display the highest levels of integrity, as determined by the SATSA Code of Conduct, and must supply all information required in terms of the application process and any additional documentation requested.

We understand that this might seem like an onerous process, but for us to guarantee buyers and trade that you are a credible business, and to serve you to the best of our abilities, it is important that we do thorough due diligence.

The good news is that your yearly review will be a simpler process with only those documents that have expired (i.e., Financial and Insurance Compliance) required again. The system is automatically populated with all your information, and you will just need to make any required changes.

The information you provide also assists us to offer better service to you – i.e. indicating your list of target markets allows us to share relevant market access opportunities in those markets.

To apply for SATSA Members please follow the simple steps below. If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact us for assistance at 011 886 9996 or


Step 1:

On the SATSA website click on BECOME A MEMBER and then select the appropriate level.

Step 2:

This will bring up your personalised online application form on the SATSA membership portal (GlueUp) where you can capture all your company information.

Step 3:

Once completed a consultant will be allocated to your account and you will receive an email with the required supporting documents which, depending on your business category, might include:

  1. Company Registration:
    1. corporate - CIPC certificate or confirmation from a similar authority in the country of incorporation
    2. a trust - the letters of authority issued by the Master of the High Court, or similar authority in the country of incorporation
    3. partnership - an affidavit signed by all partners confirming the status of the business and the right to use the name under which the business trades
    4. a sole proprietorship - an affidavit signed by the sole proprietor confirming the status of the business the right to use the name under which the business trades
  2. Proof (including by way of affidavit) that you are entitled to use the trade name under which you conduct business (should this differ from the registered business name)
  3. Proof that the business is registered for tax purposes, in the case of sole proprietorship, personal income tax proof will be required
  4. Proof of payroll tax - Pay-As-You-Earn (PAYE), Skills Development Levy (SDL) and Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF)
  5. Proof that the business is registered for VAT purposes should turnover exceed R1 million
  6. A copy of the identity document of the sole proprietor, or all individual shareholders/directors/partners, or in the case of a company, the company registration document, or in the case of a trust, the letters of authority issued by the Master of the High Court
  7. Financial Compliance – your auditor or statutorily appointed accounting officer scans this onto their letterhead so that it is a legal document and then fills it in and you return it to us. Financial compliance is not required for Government entities. What SATSA needs to know is that your company is solvent, and your financial affairs are in competent hands. If you do not have this, you can also submit:
    1. copies of your audited financial statements
    2. latest management reports
    3. in the case of a sole proprietor, a copy of your latest tax return
  8. Insurance Compliance – your insurer/broker scans this onto their letterhead so that it is a legal document and then fills it in and you return it to us. Insurance compliance varies depending on the type/category of business. Contact one of our Member Relationship Consultants on 011 886 9996 if you need advice about the type of insurance required
  9. For vehicles owned by your company you will need to submit Operating Licences, and if it is a converted or modified vehicle, the appropriate homologation certificates as required by law
  10. Proof of a valid/active company website or Facebook page

Should you have indicated that the company has subsidiaries (as such term is defined in the Act) and/or divisions, you will receive a link from your consultant to complete details of these subsidiaries or divisions. They are added to your membership free of charge however, the main member tier will be based on the total turnover of all subsidiaries/divisions combined. Only subsidiaries/divisions listed with SATSA will qualify for benefits and bonding.

Part of the online process is your signature to state full adherence to the SATSA Code of Conduct and Legal Compliance. This includes awareness of regulatory requirements applicable to your business type.

Please note that the following additional information might be required for Members from countries outside Southern Africa, or where it is thought that the company might be controlled outside Southern Africa. These companies may be accepted on an ad hoc basis as non-voting members. This will be at the discretion of SATSA, based on individual motivation and supplying additional information which may include:

  • Ownership of the Southern African company and/or all international offices
  • Southern African HR structure, showing the employment of local individuals
  • Proof of residency and work permit if the applicant is not a citizen of the country in which the applicant is operative
  • Workman’s compensation number
  • Registration for employee taxes with SARS
  • Proof of Southern African bank account
  • Proof that the money from tourists is received in Southern Africa and used here to pay for the travel expenses of the tourists
  • Proof of physical offices in Southern African
  • Other SATSA Member references on a prescribed form
  • Any other documentation as deemed necessary by the Management Committee

Step 4:

You will receive an invoice from the SATSA accounts department for the application fee which is a once-off R2 258.00 (including VAT). Please submit your proof of payment to move forward with the application.

Once all the correct documentation and the proof of payment are received, it takes a maximum of 3 weeks to complete the application. This includes:

  • A two-week advertising period advising all members of the new application. Members have the right to object, but only on most serious grounds and this happens very rarely. Should an objection be received, we would try our utmost to resolve matter
  • Conducting a credit check
  • Notifying the relevant Chapter of the new application


SATSA reserves the right to examine which levels, classifications and categories you have applied for and, if necessary, will amend and notify you.


Step 5:

Once your documentation is complete and your membership is approved, you will:

  • Receive a confirmation email and the invoice for the membership fee
  • Upon payment you will receive your SATSA certificate and membership number, be advertised as a full member and be able to access SATSA benefits

For more detailed information on SATSA and membership, please refer to the SATSA Memorandum of Incorporation.