Member Benefits


Joining the SATSA family not only means access to the variety of excellent benefits on offer, but you will also become part of a network of over 1,100 tourism products across Southern Africa, all using SATSA’s logo as a mark to indicate credible tourism products in Southern Africa.

International Trade, National and Local Governments, various organisations and even private tourists recognise the value of SATSA membership, as well as the recourse that it offers them, and we are often called on to verify membership details.


Credibility & Integrity

Including the SATSA logo in your marketing collateral proves that an independent association has certified you as a provider of credible tourism services.


Providing peace of mind and assurance to local and international buyers and consumers through stringent governance, financial and insurance audits, which are conducted on members' applications and reviewed annually.


All SATSA members receive SATSA Bonding, a lost advances fund to help protect consumer payments in case the member is placed under involuntary liquidation. Consumers and agents look to our SATSA Bonding as a sign of financial integrity and stability.

Code of Conduct

Ensuring high service standards, quality products and professionalism to buyers, consumers and other SATSA members through the SATSA Code of Conduct. 


SATSA provides recourse to buyers, consumers and other SATSA members, should they encounter a breach in terms of the SATSA Code of Conduct.

Voice of the Industry

SATSA is regarded as the definitive voice of the industry and the first port of call for government and other stakeholders requiring private sector contact and/or verification.


SATSA champions members’ interests with government and other stakeholders to safeguard a legislative, fiscal, and regulatory framework conducive to a growing and sustainable tourism industry.

Tourism Advocacy

SATSA promotes the tourism industry as a strong economic pillar that contributes to high-priority goals being the generation of income, employment, and foreign-exchange earnings.


SATSA develops and maintains strong relationships with industry stakeholders and role players to facilitate discussion between the public and private sectors.

International and Local Profiling

SATSA communicates the benefits of working with its members as credible partners, both locally and abroad. The association is well-recognised internationally and is frequently asked to verify membership and credibility from international buyers and consumers.

Fit-For Purpose Value Adds

Over and above the general benefits SATSA also has a network of Value-Add Partners that tailor services and discounts specific to the tourism industry. These include:

Short Term Insurance

Our exclusive partnership with SATIB comprises a SATSA-branded bouquet of short-term insurance, per vehicle per seat cover, or per product – all with extremely favourable rates.

Safety and Security

Access to SATSA’s SECURA Traveller App for embedding in tickets or sending to visitors for optional direct download. This includes support offered such as document replacement, clothing,  accommodation, and transport. We also have a network of Traveller Ambassadors and translators who offer support and translation services if needed – a friendly face to help affected travellers through the process.

Special Rates

Many leading accommodation providers offer STO rates to SATSA members.

Furthermore, we have a network of specialist suppliers who offer various discounted services such as:

Market Access

At the heart of any business and critical to your success is increased sales. Here SATSA offers several platforms for members to take advantage of.


SATSA members benefit from extensive networking opportunities with other members, including International Associates, as well as leading industry figures and prospective consumers, specifically in the form of our Chapter Meetings, Annual Conferences and Webinars.

SATSA has also employed state-of-the-art technology with a membership system that provides community engagement. This allows members to advertise to other members, schedule meetings and share business cards online.

Market Linkages

SATSA facilitates trade relationships through direct introductions and often functions as a broker connecting buyers to sellers.

Virtual and Physical Destination Familiarisation Trips

Countrywide speed marketing in partnership with South African Tourism and Provincial Authorities introduces new and existing tourism products to potential buyers.

To overcome the challenges of marketing in the era of COVID-19, SATSA offers virtual familiarisation sessions to unearth unique and diverse products in all regions of South Africa but with a specific focus on small towns and more rural areas.

These physical and virtual fams enhance buyers’ knowledge and diversify product range by including unique new experiences.

Events, Roadshows and Exhibitions

SATSA membership is often a prerequisite for participation in international roadshows. Ongoing negotiations offer SATSA members discounted exhibitor rates and participation in organised hosted-buyer programmes.

Industry Support and Best Practice

The success and growth of the tourism industry is of utmost importance to SATSA. To this end, we support our members and the industry at large through a variety of insights and specialist advice.

Knowledge Sharing

SATSA publishes regular communication providing up-to-date industry information, including alerts to changes in regulations/requirements/fees, safety alerts, industry news and events, marketing, and other opportunities, etc. This is done via the SATSA Newsletter, social media platforms, SATSA website and the SATSA Mobile App.

Research and Surveys

SATSA undertakes a number of surveys, such as member pain points, which are used in our lobbying and advocacy work. Relevant research, such as ForwardKeys data and arrival statistics, is shared through our Chapter Meetings and published on the SATSA website.

Chapter Meetings and Board Support

Chapter meetings provide a platform for reports and updates on member challenges and opportunities, as well as industry-relevant guest speakers. Industry issues are raised through the chapter structure to board level and filtered back again.

Crises Management

When a crisis hits, your first port of call is SATSA. From natural disasters to accidents to tourist safety, SATSA immediately activates the necessary response team, which includes the likes of South African Tourism, National Department of Tourism, SATIB, etc. Working within the National Tourism Safety Strategy framework, focus is placed on immediate assistance and aftercare as well as negating negative media exposure.

Click here for more information on SATSA’s Safety and Security work.

Industry Self-Regulation

SATSA has developed a strong framework for industry self-regulation. With the ultimate aim of instilling greater consumer confidence, self-regulation improves efficiency and flexibility, reduces costs and facilitates better compliance.

As an association that enhances the credibility of its members, SATSA is ideally suited to implement such projects in a partnership format between industry and government.

See here our current Adventure Tourism Industry Self-Regulation project.

Knowledge Sharing and Skills Development

SATSA Annual Conference

Our Annual Conference addresses member-driven issues and attracts thought leaders with growing businesses and years of experience. These thought leaders guide discussion topics and create open platforms for debates and insights.

SATSA Training Academy

The SATSA Academy offers a unique approach to professional development in the tourism industry. By combining traditional classroom teaching with innovative online learning, we provide a comprehensive syllabus that covers both established practices and emerging trends. Our blended learning approach allows for flexible, self-paced online modules, as well as hands-on experience through in-person workshops. We are committed to diversity and inclusivity offering accessible learning platforms. With endorsements from SATSA and other key bodies, our modules ensure excellence and professionalism. Join us to embark on a transformative journey in the world of tourism.

Toolkits and Guides

SATSA sources and provides best practice advice on tourism-specific business needs and regulations to existing members and new entrants into the industry. This is in the form of SATSA Toolkits and Chapter Meetings which build commercial capacity and skills.

Webinars and FAQs

To share updated information, provide specialist advice, summarise various laws and regulations and sometimes even crowdsource input, SATSA hosts webinars and develops FAQs. We find this an ideal platform to reach as wide an audience as possible.

Social Responsibility

Responsible Tourism

SATSA adopts a proactive attitude towards making tourism more sustainable. It is included in our national agenda and a number of projects have been launched including sustainable guidelines for captive wildlife and a carbon offsetting initiative.

As an association, SATSA is committed to and has adopted the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals to end poverty, ensure prosperity, and protect the planet. To access the Goals, please click here.

Access, Inclusivity and Diversity (AID)

Transformation is a national imperative and therefore an area that has always been a SATSA priority. During the 1990s, SATSA was recognised as one of the first multi-racial tourism organisations in South Africa. Over the years SATSA has been actively involved in helping SMEs in South Africa become market-ready and access the tourism value chain.

Transformation projects are implemented in partnership with national and provincial tourism authorities and the inclusive growth of the tourism sector is driven through SATSA’s AID Board Committee. Projects include training, mentorship and market access.

See here for more information on SATSA’s AID work.