SATSA Bonding

All members of SATSA automatically receive SATSA Bonding.

What Is Bonding  

Bonding refers to the SATSA Lost Advances Fund that has been created to deal with losses incurred by any SATSA member or customer of the SATSA member, as a result of that member being placed under involuntary liquidation.

These losses are defined as the amount paid for services to a service provider and/or the reimbursement of any deposits. Any loss insured by any other existing policy is excluded.

Services are defined as accommodation, travel arrangements, tour operators and the like, booked by the service provider on behalf of the client for the provision of services.

The Service provider is defined as any company, excluding associated or subsidiary companies, with whom the member has entered into an agreement to provide services and may include other members.

The SATSA Bond is administered by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited under policy number GR19/20824/671/01.



  • Claims are limited up to R150 000 for any one incident.
  • The same amount, up to R150 000, is available per any one member’s involuntary insolvency.
  • The maximum amount available for 2020 is R900,000.

How To Claim 

SATSA members must be in good standing with SATSA in order to claim. This means that the yearly membership fee has been paid and that the annual review, consisting of compliance documents and an online review, has been completed. The status of SATSA members is displayed in the membership directory

Any claims against the SATSA Bond must be brought to the attention of the SATSA Chief Operating Officer by directing an email to

The SATSA Lost Advances Fund Committee is responsible for the adjudication of payments and claims and as part of this will consider the length of SATSA membership per claimant. The Committee also need to follow the laws governing the liquidation process.