SATSA's Mission


Our mission is to promote credibility, integrity, inclusivity, and diversity within the inbound tourism industry, supporting and representing the interests of members, fostering collaboration, sharing best practices, and advocating for policies that promote the growth and recognition of the inbound tourism industry, while protecting the region’s unique natural and cultural heritage and reputation.


To optimise the implementation of this extensive mission, we have organised it into the following set of objectives:

  • promote and maintain among Members the highest standards of integrity;
  • establish, promote and represent the views of the industry;
  • act as the recognised representative of the industry;
  • make known to the appropriate authorities the problems and needs of the industry;
  • identify marketing opportunities for the industry and to assist Members to pursue such opportunities;
  • encourage and provide advice to the industry to offer the highest standards of service and professionalism; 
  • create opportunities for Members to network amongst themselves and within the industry;
  • pro-actively render specialist advice to organisations serving objectives conducive to those of SATSA and to extend the sphere of SATSA's influence;
  • research and disseminate facts, figures, data and information regarding the industry;
  • monitor and influence all legislative issues, initiatives and matters concerning the industry, as well as organisations and statutory bodies within the Industry;
  • ensure that appropriate legalities, financial stability and insurance cover is complied with on application and reviewed annually by its Members;  
  • facilitate the development of emerging entrepreneurs within the industry in order to qualify for SATSA Membership;
  • promote inclusivity and diversity within the Inbound Tourism industry;
  • uphold anti-harassment and discrimination policies;
  • educate the industry by means of training, seminars and workshops;
  • provide specialised training to raise the standards and professionalism of the tour operator industry;
  • promote opportunities for general communication within the industry;
  • establish, maintain and promote the credibility of the industry;
  • source and negotiate fit-for-purpose value add and strategic partnerships to the benefit of Members; and engage, where the need arises, in tactical initiatives that will benefit Members.