SATSA Code of Conduct

The SATSA Code of Conducts Aims:

  • To ensure that clients receive the best possible service from Members, and vice versa, Members from the Association and SATSA Employees.
  • To maintain and enhance the reputation, standing and good name of the Association, its Employees, Members, and Southern Africa as a tourism destination, by preventing and correcting poor practices.
  • To encourage the continuous growth and development of the Association, its Employees, Members and the Industry at large.
  • To provide guidelines on appropriate and desirable conduct between Members, the public, stakeholders, Member principals, the Association, and its Employees, as well as the processes to follow in the event any corrective measure, remedies or relief are required or requested.

The latest SATSA Code of Conduct, as approved by SATSA’s Directors on 7 February 2023, can be downloaded here