Safety and Security

We can’t prevent the emergency, BUT we can control effective response and the aftercare that victims receive, thus ensuring that, as far as possible, they leave the country knowing they were cared for.

SATSA’s approach to Safety and Security is focused on a three-point plan and is aligned with existing National and Provincial strategies.



Prevention and Preparation


Partnerships are and continue to be formed with local and national networks including:

  • National, Provincial and Local Government
  • SAPS Local / Provincial Safety Joint Operating Centres
  • Community Safety Forums, etc.
  • Hospitals, Fire brigades, Doctors, etc.
  • Embassies


Awareness and Education

Understanding that this affects the entire scope of the tourism industry and that everyone should be equipped with the right knowledge, the hope is to provide training and education sessions to tourism operators and their staff, specifically frontline workers (i.e., concierge, drivers, guides, etc.), on dealing directly with tourists in a safety incident.

This awareness creation also extends to our visitors and as such a Traveller’s Guide to South Africa is currently being developed to provide tips on enjoying our beautiful country to its fullest.


Reaction – Secura Traveller

In an emergency, every second counts!

Emergency App 

SECURA Traveller delivers ‘peace of mind in your pocket’ for travellers visiting South Africa. 

To offer the best possible reaction during an emergency, SATSA and TBCSA have out their combined efforts behind the deployment of a tourism-specific safety app called SECURA Traveller, based on it's innovative, affordable emergency medical response, breakdowns / stand-by-me service, and crime-related incident assistance. 

SECURA Trraveller is an emergency response solution that connects to the largest network of armed and medical response companies in South Africa. Its on-demand smart tech automatically identifies and dispatches the closest response unit once the panic button is activated.  

Using its revolutionary panic button – which is accessible via mobile phone or in the form of a tangible panic button – connects travellers to hundreds of emergency responders when every second counts. These responders are ready and equipped to assist in any emergency. 

Linked to this response is our Traveller Support and Aftercare service.

To learn more or purchase the App, please click here


Traveller Safety Volunteers

The reaction process is supplemented by SATSA’s specialist support team of traveller ambassadors, translators, trauma counsellors and logistical facilitators. This means we are able to facilitate the traveller’s immediate needs such as travel documentation, concierge services, trauma counselling etc.

Our network of volunteers is based across South Africa and will meet with victims and offer support and translation in almost any language. This is used to supplement the professional trauma support we are able to offer if needed. Our tourism volunteers are friendly faces to help travellers through the unfortunate process.

Incident Management

Below is our incident management protocol. This is used to streamline the incident process as well as to support stakeholder communication. 

Safety & security

Reporting and Media Management

The SECURA system bolsters SATSA’s incident database by collecting and analysing all data regarding incidents. This assists with the identification of hot spots, adding additional recourses, reporting and lobbying.

SATSA’s PR team is also on hand to communicate and manage media and to develop holding statements where needed.