Webinar recording: ‘Partnering for Safer Travel: Updates from the SECURA Traveller Project’


Thank you for joining our insightful webinar on how we can collectively ensure safe and secure travel experiences in South Africa. Judging by the great engagement during the session, it’s clear we all share the goal of providing tourists with complete peace of mind.

Our expert panellists walked us through the key features of the SECURA Traveller App and its benefits for travellers and tourism businesses alike. We saw a live demo of the app's quick response time and heard inspiring stories of how a streamlined incident management protocol has helped travellers during past incidents.

We also discussed how aligning communications and initiatives under the National Tourism Crisis Communication Plan can help us better respond to any incidents as one unified industry. By providing travellers with consistent messaging and support across stakeholders, we build confidence in visiting South Africa.

To keep the conversation going, we have provided links to the webinar recording and slides below. We have also included a link to the SECURA Traveller Toolkit, which contains resources to help your business drive adoption of the app among staff and travellers.

Webinar recording

Important Documents

You can access Andre du Toit's presentation here 

You can access Natalia Rosa's presentation here 

You can access Hannelie du Toit's presentation here 

You can access the SECURA Traveller Trade Toolkit here  

Access the SECURA Traveller FAQ Guide here 

Let's continue working together to position South Africa as a destination that prioritises traveller safety. We encourage you to reach out with any questions as you implement learnings from the webinar into your own business and communications.

Important Contact Details:

Questions about SECURA Traveller – info@securatraveller.co.za

Questions about the SECURA Traveller Trade Toolkit – securatraveller@bigambitions.co.za

Questions about the National Tourism Communications Plan – natalia@bigambitions.co.za

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Visit the SECURA Traveller website to download the app, purchase coupon codes, access the toolkit or learn more: www.securatraveller.co.za

We aim to empower the industry with consistent resources and training, ensuring that there is alignment across all sectors regarding safety and security. If you have feedback on this webinar or any comments on what you would like to see in the future, please share your thoughts with the team at securatraveller@bigambitions.co.za.