SATSA Conference delegates participate in the circular economy


During the recent SATSA Conference held from 6-7 May in Durban, it was incredibly special to have some of our SATSA Tourism Incubates join and share their products with delegates. 

Conference delegates were gifted bags made by one of these Incubatees, the lovely Danolene from Bloom Africa, Circles of Good. In case you didn’t know, the bags were made from discarded bed linen of hotels.

In the spirit of ‘Partnerships for Action’ and paying it forward, several delegates opted to sign a register and donate their bags to a tourism township community – Mpophomeni, a town in Umgungundlovu District Municipality close to Howick. 

A special thanks to these delegates, Akash Singh and his team from Sigma International for adding yet another special element to this year’s SATSA conference. The circular economy approach with this aims to minimize waste and promote the efficient use of resources. It is designed to move away from the traditional linear economy model of "take-make-dispose" and seeks to close the loop by keeping products, materials, and resources in use for as long as possible. And does it ever… from hotel linen to conference bags to useable items for a wonderful community.