Magical Kenya COOP-MARKETING Campaign in South Africa

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Kenya Tourism Board (KTB) is pleased to announce our upcoming Pan African Tourism Campaign, with the aim of increasing travel to Kenya from our key source markets in Africa.


We are inviting interested tour operators through your association to apply for partnerships with KTB in our planned Pan-Africa Tourism Campaign, scheduled to run from June to December 2024. This partnership will support the Call to Action (CTA) element of the campaign.


Please click here for the Request for Proposal (RFP) document, which we kindly request you to share with your members who may be interested in partnering with KTB.


We are looking to work with at least 5 tour operators to activate the call to action element of the campaign.


Selection criteria will be based on the following key elements:  


  1. The company must be duly registered with the association and the registration authority in your country.       
  2. Must be engaged in outbound travel to Kenya.       
  3. Ready to invest in and support the campaign as per the attached RFP.       
  4. Able to respond to the RFP within the indicated timelines.


Interested tour operators should submit their proposals via email to with a copy to: and