Exploring market potential for lesser-known provinces


South African Tourism in partnership with SATSA is conducting research to better understand your perceptions and possible opportunities for products/services from lesser-known provinces.  

Your input is crucial in helping us shape strategies for marketing and exposure (i.e., SAT Fam Trips). All responses will be kept confidential. It is a bit of a mouthful, but once we have the info, we won’t need to ask every time we invite you to a SAT Speed Marketing or Fam trip.  

Please take the time to indicate your perception and which provinces you would like to learn more about and visit during the Fam Trips by clicking on the link below.

Please note the survey will close at 09:00 on 8 September 2023, and those who participated will be contacted first for SAT Speed Marketing and Fam Trips. 

Complete the survey here