Enhancing Tourism Safety in South Africa - SECURA Traveller Ops Centre launched


SATSA has welcomed the official opening of the SECURA Traveller Operations Centre (STOC), a monumental step in elevating national tourism safety. The centre was opened by the Tourism Minister, Patricia de Lille, on Thursday, 31 August 2023.

In a collaborative endeavour spearheaded by the National Tourism Safety Forum and the TBCSA Safety Committee, in conjunction with various other public and private sector stakeholders, months of relentless work has materialised in a comprehensive national tourism safety strategy.

At the core of this strategy is immediate reaction when an incident occurs. The STOC, implemented in partnership with Business Against Crime South Africa, functions as the central nervous system, orchestrating and harmonising safety response mechanisms and Traveller Support services for distressed tourists.

The STOC has been meticulously designed as the focal point for reporting and managing all tourism-related incidents, either with immediate response through the SECURA Traveller app (endorsed by the Minister of Tourism) or via the newly launched 24-hour national tourism safety hotline+27 (0) 83 318 2475.

The ultimate goal is to offer peace of mind for all who travel in SA through immediate response and professional support, to aggregate safety reports, pinpoint hotspots, deploy resources efficiently, and initiate aftercare, thereby guaranteeing a safer travel experience for both inbound and domestic tourists.

SATSA has been one of the driving forces in shaping the strategy and the STOC. Our involvement reflects our unwavering commitment to tourism safety, and we encourage all members to promote SECURA Traveller and the hotline.

Key initiatives that we've been a part of:



Through SATSA’s partnership with SECURA, the SECURA Traveller app was developed. The app seamlessly integrates emergency responses and connects to over 300 security firms and emergency medical service providers.


Public Private Partnership

The private sector is stepping up with "Travel Angels" – industry professionals who will mentor and support tourism monitors.

Tourism Monitors

The National Department of Tourism is training and employing over 2,200 young individuals as tourism monitors. They'll be armed with the SECURA Traveller app and emergency response buttons, and strategically placed in tourism hotspots that we've identified with your assistance.

Travel Support Network

By collaborating with members, provincial tourism authorities, and those with well-structured support protocols, we have brought together and continue to grow critical support services that tourists may need. This extends to the deployment of Travel Ambassadors who personally assists tourists in distress and Translators in case of language barriers.

How you can get involved:


Promote SECURA Traveller to your guests!
  • You can embed it into your itineraries/tickets or offer the app to them for direct purchase.
  • PS: vouchers can now be brought in-app. 
Subscribe your frontline staff to Secura Traveller
  • One-year subscriptions are available now and will provide peace of mind for your frontline staff (drivers, guides, etc.)  
Vounteer to become a Travel Ambassador, Translator, or Angel
  • Description of the roles are available on page one of the registration form
Report all tourism related incidents!
  • Report incidents via the Hotline or on the Tourism Safety Network WhatsApp group (link for the latter above). 
  • Reporting allows us to build case history. This will contribute to lobbying efforts and more accurate identification of hotspots.

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