Western Cape Water Crisis


SATSA Western Cape Chapter Chairperson, Illana Clayton, updates us on the current water situation in Cape Town. Good news! Dam levels are up 6.3% in June 2018 which is incredible news, and there is still lots of run-off.  Read more

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Cape Town and the Western Cape - Africa’s leading tourist region - is building a more sustainable tourism destination, as it develops numerous responses to its severe drought. The joint response from government, citizens, and the tourism industry is emerging as... Read more

Cape Town

According to the City of Cape Town’s modelling, “Day Zero” – the projected date when the city would cut the ordinary supply of water to its citizens – will not take place this year. This achievement is due to residents,... Read more


We are pleased to inform you that the status of Knysna with regards to water restrictions as indicated on the Western Cape map, which appears on the Western Cape Water Wise tourism website, has been... Read more

Cape Town City

"One of the key concerns noted by potential tourists who are considering Cape Town, is that they would make the water situation worse if they visited the region. But it is believed that this is not only incorrect, but that the opposite is true."  Read more

Wesgro website

Tim Harris, Wesgro CEO, recently delivered a presentation titled 'Cape Town, Climate Change and Water' in which he outlines a plan to build a more resilient destination. To view the presentation, click  Read more


Videos from the JAMMS Meeting on the water crisis (held on 2 February) have been made available for our members to view. Wesgro has cut the videos so that you’re able to view the sessions most relevant to your business. [cbc_playlist videos="43173,43176,43179,43182,43185,43188"] Wesgro has... Read more

Guardian Day Zero

In 10 weeks engineers will turn off water for a million homes as this South African city reacts to one-in-384-year drought. The rich are digging boreholes, more are panic-buying bottled water, and the army is on standby Cape Town faces Day Zero: What... Read more