TIP approved shows – apply for funding

The Tourism Incentive Programme (TIP) aims to stimulate tourism development that is sustainable, inclusive and improves the competitiveness of our destination and the entire tourism sector.

Through its International Market Access Support Programme, it broadens and facilitates access to specific tourism export markets to stimulate enterprise growth and expansion. This reduces the cost burden on small and medium-sized inbound tourism enterprises when participating in international marketing platforms in line with the market focus of South African Tourism.

Successful applicants will be partially reimbursed for some of the costs incurred by participating in identified exhibitions or roadshows. While the specific form of assistance may vary for each trade engagement supported, reimbursement of costs such as airfare, accommodation and exhibition fees will typically be considered at capped amounts.

The preliminary list of International Marketing platforms for the 2019/2020 financial year can be accessed here.

For more information on TIP and its guidelines please visit https://www.tourism.gov.za/CurrentProjects/TIP/Pages/Tourism-Incentive-Programme.aspx.

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