A great presentation from Shezaad Gani from Travel Juice at the Garden Route Chapter. It was short and sharp and to the point. Download the presentation  Read more

WC Chapter Meeting WTM

SATSA recently hosted a Western Cape Chapter Meeting at WTM Africa 2018. In his presentation SATSA CEO, David Frost, unpacked what it means to unblock obstacles and ways to maximise opportunities in the tourism industry. To view the full presentation, click  Read more


Whilst innovation enhances the competitiveness of enterprises in a global economic environment, innovation in tourism should be concerned not only with the economic viability of tourism enterprises, but also with the environmental and social sustainability of host communities and destinations. This is in line with responsible tourism which is a guiding framework for tourism development in South Africa.  Read more


This is the sixth DB annual survey of global prices. It is a compilation of prices from various countries and cities around the world. Included is a Weekend Getaway Index and prices in Five Star Hotel rooms by country.  Read more