All members are required to submit various forms that ensure their operational integrity, allowing SATSA to confidently recommend them as a credible provider of inbound tourism services.

The application form and membership fee required to join SATSA need to be provided by potential members, while the following documents are requested (depending on the type of company applying):

  • Company Registration Certificate:
    – corporate – CIPC certificate or confirmation from similar authority in the country of incorporation
    – a trust – the letters of authority issued by the Master of the High Court, or similar authority in the country of incorporation
    – partnership – an affidavit signed by all partners confirming the status of the business and the right to use the name under which the business trades
    – a sole proprietorship – an affidavit signed by the sole proprietor confirming the status of the business the right to use the name under which the business trades
  •  Proof (including by way of affidavit) that you are entitled to use the trade name under which you conduct business (should this differ from the registered business name)
  • ID of the person nominated as the Voting Representative for SATSA
  • Proof of residency and work permit if the Voting Representative is not a citizen of the country in which the applicant is operative
  • Proof that the business is registered for Income TAX
  • Proof that the business is registered for VAT purposes should turnover exceed R1 million
  • Financial Compliance – your external accountant/auditor/bookkeeper scans this onto his letterhead so that it is a legal document and then fills it in and you return it to us. What SATSA needs to know is that your financial affairs are in competent hands. If you do not have this, you can also submit:
    – copies of your audited financial statements
    – latest management reports
    – in the case of a sole proprietor, a copy of your latest tax return
    Members must be more than one year in operation
  • Insurance Compliance – your insurer/broker scans this onto his letterhead so that it is a legal document and then fills it in and you return it to us. Contact one of our Member Relationship Consultants on 011 886 9996 if you need a list of SATSA affiliated insurers or advice about the type of insurance required. Not required if you are not dealing directly with tourists or visitors.
  • Third-Party Insurance and Legal Compliance – here you are signing to say that you will ensure that any vehicles you hire have the correct amount of Passenger Liability Insurance, Licences and Operating Licence and are well maintained. Do not complete this if you do not hire in vehicles
  • Operating Licences for the vehicles which you own and use to transport tourists
  • You can load Subsidiaries (as such term is defined in the Act) and/or Divisions to your membership. Should you be adding Subsidiaries, please complete the Subsidiary Compliance form
  • International Members will be requested to provide additional documents such as their SA Staff Structure, proof of payment from consumers to SA Bank Account and recommendation letters from existing SATSA Members

As per SATSA’s MOI (Memorandum of Incorporation), it is the duty of the Board of Directors to set the Record date for the organisation each year. Record date means the date established under section 59 of the Companies Act on which SATSA determines the identity of its Members and their voting rights.

The SATSA Board has set the 2019 Record date at 31 March 2019. This means that any member who has not completed their annual online review (with supporting documents) and paid their SATSA 2019 membership fee, will not be able to vote at Chapter or National AGM.

The SATSA Board further approved the following dates for non-complaint members:

  • 1 July 2019 – Suspension of non-complaint members
  • 1 August 2019 – Termination of non-compliant members

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