Membership Fees & Requirements

To ensure that SATSA’s benefits reach far and wide, several cost-effective options for membership, depending on annual turnover, are available. We also offer several partnership opportunities.

As an egalitarian body, each paying member has a vote that carries the same impact regardless of the level of membership.

Membership is automatically renewed on each year, unless the member submitted a Member Resignation form to voluntarily suspend or resign their membership.

Membership runs from 1 January to 31 December each year and new members joining in the year will be charged pro-rata for the remainder of the period.

Member Levels



 Once off Registration   Fee

 2023 Fee (Incl.   VAT)

 Small Business Tier

 Turnover of R0 – R 4,999,999

 R 2,200

 R 4,065

 First Tier

 Turnover between R 5 million and R 19,999,999

 R 2,200

 R 6,779

 Second Tier

 Turnover between R 20 million and R 199,999,999

 R 2,200

 R 20,336

 Third Tier

 Turnover over R 200 million

 R 2,200

 R 47,456


 As per Companies Act - majority voting rights held by   main member




 Part of the main company - might trade under a   different name



 International   Associates


 R 499

 Emerging   Association

 Turnover under R 1 million


 R 2,000

 Growth Affiliate

 Turnover under R 1 million (not a member)


 R 500



  • Strategic Partner - Annual financial contribution or sponsor (greater than membership fee)

  • Value-Add Partner - A SATSA member providing a discount to other SATSA Members, i.e., Airlink

  • Industry Stakeholder - Official Bodies, Government, etc.

Relationship Status

This indicates the status of the member or potential member’s relationship with SATSA:



 Full Member In Good   Standing

 Payment and Annual Review Completed

 Full Member Not In Good   Standing

 No Payment or Annual Review not Completed


 Enquired about membership but have not started application process


 Have started application process, at least one document submitted

 Not Ready for Membership

 Enquired but doesn’t meet all requirements yet


 SATSA received an objection whilst advertising and investigates


 Membership declined based on the outcome of the Objection investigation

 SATSA Terminated

 Membership termination by SATSA due to non-payment or breach of the SATSA Code of   Conduct

 Voluntary Suspended

 Member chose to temporarily suspend the membership

 SATSA Suspended

 Membership suspended by SATSA due to non-payment, a pending investigation or breach of   the SATSA Code of Conduct


 Member resigned their membership