Membership F.A.Q

The following may help you in completing the application process:

Membership fees are paid annually.
They run from January to December.

Yes please gather all the documents as listed on a Checklist of documents, and send them all at once..

Four weeks if you have sent all the documents and have met all the requirements?

No only once a year but you can arrange a stop-order system with the accounts dept

Every year between Jan and 28th February each year.

Because on the first week of Feb every year, we need to give names of members who have paid to Guardrisk to cover them for Bonding Scheme.

A once off application fee is an administration fee and you pay it so that we can start processing your application, brief you of the process,ask for docs if any o/s, make telephone calls if needed & announce application to other members.

Only 4 weeks if you have complied and send us all the requested documents. However if you don’t have them all sent to us, we give you 6months to sort the outstanding docs and send them to us.

To protect your fare- paying clients for accidents if an accident happens (passenger liability cover).
To protect the company in case the fare- paying clients sue them for the loss of their luggage’s, belongings (e.g cameras, watches, earrings, necklaces or for eating food at a restaurant and discover after one is ill   that there was a food poisoning and the doctor confirmed that.

If your company does not physically interact with actual tourists, you will not be required to submit insurance documents.  For example a marketing representation company or technology provider would be exempt in this regard.

All Accommodations without transport they need General Public Liability Insurance to cover for lost of belongings, injuries, food poisoning. Kindly check the insurance information brochure about GPL.
IF YOU HAVE VEHICLES AS WELL YOU NEED PASSENGER LIABILITY. ( Check regarding Passenger Liability Cover in the insurance information brochure)
Tour Operator with own vehicles – Passenger liability & General Public Liability

Tourism rule of thumb is R1 000 000 per person per incident. If your vehicle takes 10 fare-paying passenger the cover should be R10 000 000.

Minimum R5million  General Public Liability and not less than that. (see insurance information brochure).

R1million for Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover (R1million for Professional Indemnity Insurance Cover (see insurance information brochure).

Contact SATSA and we will give you a list of insurance companies that are affiliating with SATSA.

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