The SATSA application process is fully electronic and you are assisted through the process by a personal Member Relationship Consultant. The below 5 steps explain the process:

Step 1

On the SATSA website ( click on BECOME A MEMBER and then click on APPLY NOW

•  Complete the drop-down box and don’t forget the funny maths sum at the bottom

• This will send SATSA the information in order to send you an invitation to join SATSA

Step 2

• The invitation to join SATSA will be sent to you by email

• There will be Appendix A, B and C attached to the invitation. See the next section for details about them

Step 3

You will find a computer link to click at the bottom of the email in your invitation to join SATSA. This will bring up the on-line application form which you must complete and submit

Attach the following to your application:

  1. Your Company Registration Certificate:corporate – CIPC certificate or confirmation from similar authority in the country of incorporation
    1. a trust – the letters of authority issued by the Master of the High Court, or similar authority in the country of incorporation
    2. partnership – an affidavit signed by all partners confirming the status of the business and the right to use the name under which the business trades
    3. a sole proprietorship – an affidavit signed by the sole proprietor confirming the status of the business the right to use the name under which the business trades
  2. Proof (including by way of affidavit) that you are entitled to use the trade name under which you conduct your business (should this differ from the registered business name)
  3. Proof that the business is registered for tax purposes
  4. ID of the person nominated as the company representative for SATSA (“Nominated Representative) – no need to have this attested at a police station
  5. Proof of residency and work permit if the Nominated Representative is not a citizen of the country in which the applicant is operative
  6. Financial Compliance: Solvency Report – your accountant/auditor/bookkeeper scans this onto his letterhead so that it is a legal document and then fills it in and you return it to us. What SATSA needs to know is that your financial affairs are in competent hands. If you do not have this, you can also submit:
    1. copies of your audited financial statements
    2. latest management reports
    3. in the case of a sole proprietor, a copy of your latest tax return
  7. Financial Compliance: – your insurer/broker scans this onto his letterhead so that it is a legal document and then fills it in and you return it to us. Call Pat Henning 011 886 9996 if you need a list of SATSA affiliated insurers or advice about the type of insurance required
  8. Third Party Insurance Compliance: Letter of Undertaking – here you are signing to say that you will ensure that any vehicles you hire have the correct amount of Passenger Liability Insurance, Licences and Operating Licence and are well maintained. Do not complete this if you do not hire in vehicles

• Appendix F: Subsidiaries – should you have subsidiary companies you will complete their information on this document and also submit a motivation letter (from the holding company) indicating management, financial and insurance control. Only subsidiaries listed with SATSA will qualify for benefits, bonding and a SATSA subsidiary Membership certificate

• Appendix G: Divisions – here you can list any divisions within the company that you would like to add to your SATSA membership. Only divisions listed with SATSA will qualify for benefits, bonding and a SATSA division Membership certificate

• Operating Licences for the vehicles which you own and use to transport tourists.

• You will receive an invoice from the SATSA accounts department for the application fee which is a once-off R 1,926 (including VAT). Please submit your proof of payment

Step 4

Once we have all the correct document, it takes approximately 4 weeks to complete the application. This includes:

• notify all members of the new application. They have the right to object, but only on most serious grounds and this happens very rarely, and we allow two and a half weeks for this process. Should an objection be received, we would revert and try to resolve matter

• conducting a credit check

• notifying the relevant Chapter of the new application

Step 5

Once your documentation is complete and your membership is approved, you will:

  1. receive a confirmation email and the invoice for the membership fee
  2. on payment you will receive your SATSA certificate and membership number by email
  3. our website manager will contact you directly to supply you with the SATSA logo and the instructions on how to activate your mini-website on the SATSA website