Western Cape Water Update

SATSA Western Cape Chapter Chairperson, Illana Clayton, updates us on the current water situation in Cape Town.

Good news! Dam levels are up 6.3% in June 2018 which is incredible news, and there is still lots of run-off. Click here  to view reports and statistics on the Cape Town Water Dashboard as of 18th June 2018.

The important graph is the 2nd one (Weekly Dam Drawdown Tracker) – the last 4 weeks have catapulted us to a strong point and we are way above the Failure Zone for now. The last table is also telling – as it specifically looks at the catchment areas vs the long-term averages.

But we can’t relax efforts and communications. Come January 2019 when they start drawing down allocations again, we need to be prepared. Critical is that the water still needs to fill up – it is currently at 27.2%, so we have a long way to go.

Please continue the rain dance!

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