Update for SATSA Members facing Operating Licence delays

SATSA recently had a meeting with the National Department of Transport and the National Public Transport Regulator (NPTR), facilitated by National Department of Tourism (NDT), to address Operating Licence challenges.

Having been fully aware of the challenges, the NPTR has started implementing various actions to streamline its services. These include the approval and appointment of 7 additional staff members, scheduled to take effect in October, training of new staff members and offering additional training to existing staff members, the approval of a new system for which the terms of reference has been developed and which will go to tender soon, and possibly an increase in the frequency that the NPTR board meets.

To assist both the NPTR and SATSA Members two interim measures were agreed on as follows:

SATSA may compile a database of its members who are experiencing challenges with their applications. This list will be submitted to NPTR for priority feedback. Members who have not yet submitted this information can do so now to Tintswalo Mashale (reception@satsa.co.za).

Bearing in mind that one of the challenges the NPTR face is the quality of documentation received from Operators, it was agreed that SATSA will play an intermediary role for the time being with any new applications first being submitted to SATSA for verification. Before this commences SATSA and the NPTR will meet to clarify the process and develop the necessary communications and checklists. Once SATSA is satisfied that the correct application documentation has been included by the operator we will issue a SATSA endorsement letter. The operator may then submit the application together with the endorsement letter which should fast-track the application. As soon as the process has been developed we will communicate to members on where and what to submit to SATSA.

A few useful tips that was discussed at the meeting include:
• Operators sending an application from an internet café must include additional contact details (mobile numbers and email addresses) so that you can be contacted correctly by the NPTR
• Operators must remember to first apply to the NPTR before investing in a new vehicle

As always SATSA will stay committed to engaging with the relevant stakeholders to streamline the process and make it easier for our members to comply. We are appreciative of the efforts made by the NPTR and NDT to assist in this matter.

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