Tools and processes to ensure your business’s safety

Dear SATSA Members

Tourist safety has become a hot topic during recent weeks, and while SATSA works behind the scenes to bring about systemic change to improve safety and security, we have rounded up two initiatives that your business should consider:


It has been proven over the past few weeks that in times of crises in the tourism industry there is no one better than SATIB to lean on. Clients of SATIB can make use of the SATIB24 Crisis Call which provides clients with a range of crisis cover. Crisis Call – South Africa includes cover for evacuation and medical expenses (maximum limit of R75 000), kidnapping/hi-jacking/rape (maximum limit of R75 000), alternative accommodation/catering/travel costs (maximum limit of R30 000), communication costs (maximum limit of R5 000), and management costs (maximum limit of R100 000).

The crisis call centre can be contacted on:

RSA: 0861 SATIB 24 (0861 72842 24)

Outside RSA: +27 1000 70230

The above numbers are for emergencies only. For more information on this service, please visit the SATIB website

911 Rapid Response Mobile App

Nhongo Safaris has partnered with 911 Rapid Response and released a mobile app, currently available on Apple iStore as well as on the Android App Store.

The app enables your mobile smartphone to be used by either international and local visitors to South Africa as a mechanism to alert response teams in times of crisis. For more information on how the app works, watch the video below:

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