The time of year has rolled around again to start the SATSA 2019 Annual Review

A BIG thank you to all our fabulous SATSA members for the continued support in 2018!

A quick heads-up on the review requirements…

The annual review process comprises two simple steps 1) membership fee payment, 2) online review including supporting documents. Once both steps are completed you will receive your SATSA 2019 certificate and will be publicised as a member in good standing on the SATSA website. Please remember that only members in good standing will be eligible for SATSA value-adds.

To make payment easier for you we have created an online payment gateway, through our partnership with Bidvest Bank, which allows for credit card payments.

When you receive the online review link, your form would already be populated with the information received from you last year. All you need to do is update any changes to the business, add staff members who would like to receive communication from SATSA, upload the required supporting documents and sign electronically that the information provided is correct.

As ratified at our AGM in August 2018, we have added a whole new list of categories to the system. Please, can we ask that you specifically look at the categories that have been autoloaded by the system. You are welcome to make changes to this to correctly reflect your type of business.

You are also reminded to add any divisions and/or subsidiaries that you might have – free of charge. These should include those in neighbouring countries. Subsidiaries and divisions will receive their own SATSA certificate and only those listed will be covered for SATSA Bonding.

All reviews are due no later than 31 March 2019. Non-renewal will result in membership suspension.

As an association, we have gone from strength to strength in the past couple of years and will do our very best to continue bringing value to you in 2019.

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