Survey: The effectiveness of social media marketing in influencing travel intermediary usage

Amanda Thompson, a Tourism Management Master’s student at the North-West University in South Africa is currently busy with her study titled “The effectiveness of social media marketing in influencing travel intermediary usage”.

The purpose of the study is to determine how and to what extent Online Social Media can be used to enhance the marketing efforts of travel intermediaries, as well as how one can integrate certain aspects of such businesses with Online Social Media.

The reason why social media was chosen is because it is one of the latest trends in marketing with a marketing influence that has increased, and is continuing to grow, significantly over time. A literature review revealed that tourism is an information-intense industry and it is critical to understand the tourist behaviour and change in technology that have an impact on the distribution channel. National tourism organisations have not used all the advantages that Online Social Media has to offer by user-generated content.

To fulfil this study, Ms Thompson turns to the travel intermediaries themselves to assist with the collection of data.

In order to complete the study, Ms Thompson requires the completion of an online survey on Google Forms that will assist in measuring and determining respondents’ overall social media behaviour, as well as the types of social media messages that need to be placed by travel intermediaries to attract loyal as well as potential customers.

Travel intermediaries are requested to share the link to the questionnaire on their social media networks, platforms, mailing lists, blogs et cetera, to gain knowledge of their markets. In return, a detailed technical report will be compiled and sent to the participating travel intermediaries which will assist the intermediaries with their marketing decisions.

Click here to access the questionnaire.

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