SATSA Trade Show Update

As SATSA works towards providing additional benefits to our members, we have put the spotlight on market access and the trade shows in South Africa, specifically WTM Africa and Indaba.

Invitations were sent out in the last quarter of 2016 for SATSA members to indicate whether they would be interested in a cost-effective stand at either of the two trade shows. A final selection was made, with 20 members attending WTM Africa with us, and 18 attending Indaba. These exhibitor opportunities are a very cost-effective way for our members to attend trade shows.

For WTM Africa, our partnership with Thebe Reed provided us with floorspace for 10 established SATSA members at a reduced rate, and then a further discounted cost for 10 emerging SATSA members. We have already noted great success in previous years, with our members seeing huge value in participating in the show. This was evidenced by one of our emerging members opting to join us again as an established business this year, and another established member choosing to take their own stand at the trade show.

Similarly, our partnership with South African Tourism for Indaba allows us to provide cost-effective exhibition space. We don’t add anything on top of the cost extended to our members – we charge our members exactly what South Africa Tourism charges us. We have 18 people on our stand which is excellently located right next to the five-star pavilion in the ICC.

SATSA has worked with the various trade shows to provide similar opportunities in the past and this year, we will assess the benefits this affords our members to determine the best way to take these relationships forward in the years to come.

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