SATSA has been approached to partner on the Productivity SA Program which offers consulting support of up to R300,000 per selected business. They are looking to select three enterprises based in KwaZulu-Natal, two in Eastern Cape, two in Mpumalanga, five in Gauteng and two in Limpopo. Productivity SA, via its accredited service provider, Sigma International, provides companies in stress with... Read more


SANParks is hoping to increase its revenue from public-private partnerships to just under R1,2 billion per annum by 2040, while also growing annual visitors at national parks to just under 17 million guests. SANParks CEO, Fundisile Mketeni, shared these ambitious goals with members of the private sector gathered at the SANParks Investment Summit. In the most recent financial year,... Read more


Since taking the reins in January, one of my focus areas has been ensuring our membership application and review process is streamlined. In an effort to provide a better service to our members, we have reviewed our head office structure and how we use our internal resources. We identified that having one person our members can... Read more


As SATSA works towards providing additional benefits to our members, we have put the spotlight on market access and the trade shows in South Africa, specifically WTM Africa and Indaba. Invitations were sent out in the last quarter of 2016 for SATSA members to indicate whether they would be interested in a cost-effective stand at... Read more


SATSA is inviting members to join us for the National SME Market Access Project’ Speed Marketing event taking place the day before Indaba starts, on 15 May 2017 at the Durban ICC. A total of 90 of the country’s most incredible vetted emerging tourism businesses will be presenting their offering to the trade, followed by a networking cocktail. From helicopter tours over Soweto, jazz in... Read more


The National SME Market Access project, in partnership with South African Tourism and National Department of Tourism started in December 2016 when we advertised across the country, asking emerging businesses to apply to become part of the initiative. Based on the responses received we developed a database of 350 tourism SMEs throughout South Africa.  Read more


The TBCSA’s Tourism Safety Initiative (TSI) has issued an advisory informing hotels and other accommodation establishments to be on the lookout for a man by the name of “Robert Gumede” who has been scamming a number of guesthouses and hotels across South Africa. Gumede’s modus operandi is to approach the establishment... Read more


This year’s Indaba show will feature a new floor layout; a luxury pavilion showcasing five-star tourism offerings; a more streamlined events programme; and a new Indaba app. While exhibitor numbers are expected to be in line with last year’s figures, the number of buyers attending the show is expected to decline. Speaking at a media launch, SA Tourism CEO, Sisa Ntshona, revealed that over... Read more


A neat and organised workshop tells you something about the mechanic and equally, a clean and orderly operating environment/household tells you something about the owners of the establishment. It is a mindset, a culture that is embedded in those that work in that environment. It suggests discipline, structure, attention to detail and much of this translates into good and healthy risk management... Read more


Where do you start with the subject of lightning safety and protection? There is so much to cover and indeed continuous debate in some sectors as to the efficiency and methodology of some of the recommended Lightning Protection Systems (LPS). So let’s start with you… When you see... Read more


Bidvest Car Rental has agreed to offer a 20% disocount to SATSA members. Non tour operator members, who are unlikely to have a preferential agreement in place, can now benefit from reduced priced car rental when travelling domestically on sales trips or for other work commitments. The rate code has been set up as SAT and can be accessed here.  Read more


SATSA is glad to announce that Celeste Visser has been appointed as SATSA’s new Sales and Sponsorship Manager for South Africa (excluding the Western and Northern Cape). We are also pleased to announce that Alushca Ritchie will be taking on the role of Western Cape Coordinator and she will be driving new SATSA membership in the Western and Northern... Read more


Whether you are a B&B, lodge, hotel or office - all make use of electrical power. Most electrical fires result from problems with ‘fixed wiring’ such as faulty electrical outlets and old wiring. Problems with cords and plugs, such as extension and appliance cords, also cause many electrical fires. Many avoidable... Read more


Accommodation providers and tour operators throughout Mozambique are hailing the government's announcement that all visitors to Mozambique are now eligible for visas at borders equipped with the equipment necessary to issue biometric visas. 26 border posts have been issuing these visas since 2005 but there has been considerable confusion regarding which country's... Read more


Have you worked as a Personal Assistant? Do you have a tourism degree or diploma? If so then this is the position for you. 1. Background: In order to fulfil SATSA’s ambitious growth plan, dedicated resources and continued effort are required. The SATSA management team is looking for a detail orientated and well organised Executive Administrator to provide the necessary... Read more


The World Federation of Tourist Guides Associations (WFTGA) has appointed Aluscha Ritchie from SATSA’s Western Cape Chapter and a registered tourist guide for the Western Cape, as its new President. The appointment was made at the 17th biennial World Federation of Tourist Guide Associations Convention which took place in... Read more


By Stephen Nielsen, sales and marketing director of Kiboko Adventures I have just returned from a sales trip to Australia and New Zealand. I saw first-hand the damage the new visa requirement for New Zealand citizens is having and will continue to have on our industry. With one of our main wholesalers I visited... Read more


South Africa as a destination may lose millions in revenue as a result of the new visa requirements for New Zealand, despite the market accounting for a small percentage of arrivals to South Africa. Since implementation, some tour operators have experienced cancellations, while other say they’ve seen no new bookings for South Africa from the market.  Read more


After a rigorous selection process, Annelie Barkema has been appointed as the General Manager of The Cradle Tourism Company (TCTC). Annelie has a diverse background in management and organisational support and has done a variety of work in tourism including working as a Tourism Specialist Banker in 2006-7, as the National... Read more


Financial Times by Luke Alfred, Tristan Holme and Colleen Goko Financial Times link Tourism could make a significantly greater contribution to the economy given the political will, savvier marketing, a more... Read more