SATSA Moving Forward

Dear SATSA Members

With the SATSA Conference and AGM behind us, there is a renewed energy at Head Office and we are working diligently on developing systems, processes and communication for the introduction of the newly adopted MOI.

A board meeting is scheduled to take place early September. As per the outcome of the AGM, we would like to welcome Rob Hetem on board and also welcome back Colin Thaver and Gavin Courtenay who form part of the 6 elected SATSA Members. The purpose of the board meeting is to, firstly, vote in a Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson (who replace the former President and Vice-President) and Treasurer and secondly, to finalise the implementation of all resolutions voted on at the AGM and discussions had during the conference. An enormous thank you to Kevin Watson and Mohamed Baba, who both stepped down as NEC members during the AGM. Your dedication and commitment over the past few years is highly appreciated.

Speaking about the AGM and Conference… we are so grateful to all our members and friends who attended and helped make this a memorable event. Thank you for spending the time with us and we trust that it was a fruitful experience. A big thank you to our conference secretariat, Clare Neall, from Event Stuff, who ensured the conference went off without a hitch. We also had a number of sponsors who not only made the event possible but also raised the bar – we are humbled by your continuing generosity.

To all of our panellists, we appreciate you sharing your insight and expertise with all in attendance and your eagerness to engage in topics that affect our industry. We are also very honoured to have had the conference opened by our Minister of Tourism, Tokozile Xasa, who updated delegates on some of the initiatives being launched by government in the coming months. Finally thank you to our CEO, David Frost, and Past President Gavin Courtenay, who hosted the successful industry-gathering and tirelessly put in the extra effort whenever necessary.

An urgent housekeeping matter that needs attention is the finalisation of all annual reviews. Please can we urge all members who have not already completed this to do so immediately.

From here friends it is onwards and upwards and we are dedicated to living up to our mission as stated in the new MOI, being: to promote credibility and integrity and contribute towards the growth and recognition of our industry to the benefit of all our members.

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