SATSA Annual Review – Thank you

Firstly, a big thank you to all members who have completed their annual SATSA review, and secondly to all those who have responded to our communication regarding outstanding items.

As you will understand, with SATSA being the mark of credibility, it is vitally important for us to have all members vetted annually. Credibility is something that we publicise extensively both locally and internationally.

As a reminder, only members in good standing receive their SATSA Certificate, have access to SATSA benefits and are able to vote at Chapter and National AGM’s.

To be a member in good standing the following is required:
• Annual membership fee paid
• Annual review process completed, which incorporates:
– Updating membership details online together with electronic signature
– Submitting financial, insurance and other compliance (as required)

In line with our new SATSA Memorandum of Incorporation, the record date for voting at the National AGM, as set by the SATSA Chairperson, is 1 July 2018. Should payment and annual review not be completed by this date the member will not be able to vote.

We look forward to having this process finalised very soon with a full database of members in good standing.

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