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Owning a business is stressful at the best of times and has the potential to keep you awake for hours at night. Issues with employees, not enough money, complications with equipment and operations, lack of sales, monitoring food and beverage stocks, debt or unattainable targets.

Just as the above are symptomatic of running any business, so it seems are some of the harsh realities of our industry, when it comes to hosting guests. We go out of our way to make sure they are happy, comfortable and take care of their every whim. However, now and again there is a situation that you simply can’t prepare for.

The shrill sound of your cell phone sees you aroused, before sunrise, on what should be a normal Sunday morning. But that is where ‘normal’ ends and where stress, chaos and anxiety begin and seem to reign supreme. The noticeably alarmed voice of the establishment manager advises you that a guest has locked himself in his bathroom, causing extensive damage, whilst under the influence of narcotics.

You tell Molly * you’re on your way and advise her to call SATIB Insurance Brokers, SATIB24 Emergency & Crisis Centre**, they will give initial advice, open an incident file, log events and assist with emergency services as required. Molly is wonderfully level-headed in times of crisis, and you’re so relieved she is on duty.

Between calling the police and SATIB24, you learn that the guest has badly cut himself whilst destroying the bathroom which he is still locked in. You update SATIB24 immediately. The SATIB24 Response Coordinator, who for ease of reference we shall call Jack, activates his medical team and escalates the severity of the guest’s condition to ‘severe, and potentially life-threatening. The SATIB24 medical team activate the local emergency response, also remaining on standby to assist with further medical telephonic advice.

SATIB24 reassess the circumstances and in minutes sum up the situation and procedures to take place: 

  • Patient medication existing: Not known
  • Patient previously existing conditions: Not known
  • Access to property: Suitable for ground ambulance
  • Medical provider: Netcare911
  • Evacuation: Standard Evacuation – Ground ambulance
  • Evacuation destination: XYZ* Hospital
  • Evacuation provider: Name withheld to preserve the anonymity of those concerned
  • Medical professional attending: Yes – Paramedic Team 

Paramedics and police arrive and amidst the wail of sirens and piercingly bright flashing lights a large, inquisitive crowd is starting to gather.

Molly advises Jack*, the SATIB24 Response Coordinator, that the other guests are safe and that police are trying, without success, to get the guest out of the bathroom. They are reluctant to enter by force in case the guest is armed.

The intrusive crowd grows, and Jack reminds Molly to ensure guests and staff are safe and away from the crowd and to speak to the police officer in charge to assist.

Molly is conscious of this event being published on social media and the local press will undoubtedly appear for a statement. After speaking to Jack, he confirms that a legal and PR representative from SATIB is available to deal with press interest and to protect the company reputation.

Over an hour later relief sets in when eventually the police and medics pacify the guest and hook him up to a drip before transferring him to hospital.

Molly is finally able to take stock of the situation and with that the resounding mental damage this ordeal has caused both staff and guests. Counselling is required. The medical provider, contacted by SATIB24, is given the go-ahead to conduct trauma counselling for two guests and another session for staff. Such is the systematic and successful service of the SATIB24 Emergency & Crisis Centre, by 12h00 the same day, both counselling sessions and trauma debrief are complete and feedback given.

Another success story for SATIB24.

SATSA members are liable for discounted rates with SATIB Insurance Brokers

General Public Liability: 15% Discount

Professional Indemnity: 7.5% Discount

* Names have been changed to preserve the anonymity of those concerned

SATIB_Logo_white_180x180px** The SATIB24 Crisis Call Service is a Pan-African professional critical incident management service only available to SATIB clients. For more information see  or get hold of us at

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