Safe currency with Bidvest Bank

If you have a new tour group coming into South Africa, whether for business or pleasure, you need to make sure you have safe and guaranteed funds available. There are so many ways to take money with you on tours and excursions and although cash might be king, it also presents an increased security risk.

Bidvest Bank is one of the top foreign exchange banks in South Africa and has the following products to offer SATSA Members:

  • Corporate Card Solution

Corporate Cards allow each tour guide, or tour operator staff member, to be allocated a VISA debit card with pre-allocated funds. The cards are loaded via an online portal and allocated to your team member. The cards can be used to pay for entrance fees, parking fees or other tour-related costs. Once the tour is complete, the cards can be unloaded, deactivated, and later reloaded and reallocated.

  • Merchant Services

For tourists wanting to pay operators without cash, Bidvest Bank has portable Point-of-Sale (POS) devices to accept payments on-the-go. These portable POS devices have dual Sim, to ensure network coverage wherever your travels take you.

  • Rand Travel Card

On arrival in South Africa, tourists can be issued with a VISA Rand Travel Card enabling them to make payments without using cash. This can be done at the Bidvest Bank bureau at the airport, or one of the branches. Not only can the cards be used to pay tour operators, but also to pay for other items while visiting SA.

For more information on cashless travel, please make contact with one of Bidvest Bank’s regional representatives:

Western & Eastern Cape

Hein de Necker
082 607 9864

KwaZulu Natal

Leonie Gauche
084 653 0216

Gauteng & surrounds

Morne van Nieuwenhuizen
082 854 2577

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