To ensure safety and the quality of the visitor experience, monitoring of the project is an important component to maintain standards. The Monitoring Task Team overseas, reviews and determines requirements for the monitoring and sanctions processes and considers enhancements where required.

A three-way monitoring system was implemented by SATSA with the aim of improving the relationship between OSV’s, SANParks and the public over a period of time. OSV Guides, SANParks staff and officials and members of the public may report unsatisfactory behaviour or service to SATSA, providing as much evidence as possible.

Each open vehicle operating in the park is required to display a monitoring decal on the back of the vehicle with a unique number which can be used in the reporting process. The decal contains contact details of where and how to report incidences.


Monitoring Process

  • SATSA receives a complaint and logs it on the monitoring register
  • Details of the complaint are sent to the relevant person to address (the Operator for complaints against Guides and SANParks for complaints against staff and members of the public)
  • Investigation takes place between SATSA and the relevant person to determine the way forward
  • Depending on the outcome of the investigation, which is based on available evidence and witness statements, sanction is determined. (It is to be noted that, where there is insufficient evidence and guilt cannot be established, “he-said, she-said” scenarios, sanctions cannot be issued)
  • Serious offences and repeat offenders are escalated, and a disciplinary hearing is convened with a panel consisting of KNP, SATSA and OSV representatives who determine the outcome of the hearing
  • Feedback on the outcome of the investigation and sanctions are sent to the complainant, if requested
  • Sanctions issued are progressive and depend on the nature and number of transgressions.