A Monitoring Task Team is in place and will develop Monitoring and Sanctions processes and query resolution.

  • A two-way monitoring system will be implemented by SATSA with the aim of improving the relationship between OSV’s and the public over a period of time.
  • Each vehicle will be required to display a monitoring decal on the back of the vehicle with a unique number which can be used in the query process. The decal, which will be A3 in width and supplied by SATSA, will indicate the need to have photo or video proof of the incident
  • OSV Guides will be able to report unsatisfactory behaviour of the public or KNP staff to SATSA, again having photo or video evidence where possible.
  • To ensure correct understanding of the process, a description will be added to the KNP entry brochure and also the TV screens at gates and receptions across the park.
  • The Monitoring Task Team will develop a list of all possible ‘transgressions’ with related disciplinary steps (verbal warning, written warning, etc.) and sanctions, which will be included as an annexure to the Terms and Conditions agreement when ready. It is important to recognise where the Guide is at fault rather than the Operator and to deal with the processes separately.
  • A monitoring tribunal will be set-up consisting of representatives from KNP, SATSA, Operators and a Guide to ensure proper on-the-ground understanding of the issues.
  • The task team will work closely with MPTA and LTP as well as the Operators in the disciplinary procedures of the Guides.