In order to address the challenges faced in respect of Guide communication and dissemination of information, a proposal was made to operators in May 2018 to include a value-added service in the form of an OSV Guide Register. In the spirit of self-regulation, the meeting was followed by a survey in September 2018 whereby operators were asked to vote on the implementation of the OSV Guide Register and Code of Conduct. The proposal was approved by an overwhelming majority of Operators and would be implemented in 2019.

Registration on the OSV Guide Register allows the OSV Project to communicate directly with Guides regarding key information relevant to their area of expertise, key updates on matters relating to the KNP, meetings and opportunities. In addition, the form allows for Guides to approve the sharing of their information to Operators looking for freelance Guides which have already been vetted, thus assisting in bringing Operators and Guides together.

SATSA is working closely with the newly established National Federation of Tourist Guides and Affiliates (NFTGA) and is represented on their Steering Committee.

Open Safari Vehicle Guides must be registered with their Provincial Guide Registrar:

  • In order to be registered, Guides must be in possession of a minimum CATHSSETA qualification TGSP02 Level 2 nature site guiding, as well as a minimum First Aid Level 1 certificate, a valid drivers’ license for the vehicle being used and a valid Professional Drivers Permit (PrDP)
  • The Guide must always, while in the Park, be in possession of the valid Guide permit as issued by the Provincial Guide Registrar and may be required to present this upon entering the Park or when asked to do so by a SANParks official


  • Access to a detailed Guide database with verified information
  • Reduction of paperwork requirements for OSV Operators
  • Easy access to verified freelance Guides for OSV Operators
  • Direct communication to Guides on an ongoing basis
  • Annual OSV/Guide event

Guide Register Application Process

Guides are encouraged to be registered and validated independently on the OSV Guide Register and are requested to complete and sign the Guide Register form and provide the required supporting documents.

Complete in full and sign the OSV Guide Register Application Form

Attach the required supporting documents as follows:

  • Valid Guide card (front and back)
  • Valid driver’s licence and PrDP
  • KNP Orientation Certificate
  • Submit the completed form and supporting documents to
  • An email confirming registration will be sent to the Guide