NPTR Operating License update (B-BBEE requirements)

Through the TBCSA, SATSA has continued to put pressure on NPTR with regards to the backlog and requirements for Operating Licenses. We are glad to report some progress on these matters:

The requirement for B-BBEE Certification

Confusion around B-BBEE Certification for NPTR applications have been clarified. This follows an industry meeting with Director Generals of Tourism and Transport in December 2018 and a subsequent meeting between the Director General of Transport and the NPTR Board in January 2019.

Communication from NPTR seemed to indicate that a compliant B-BBEEE certificate is required for anyone applying for an Operating License. We have received feedback in writing explaining the requirements as follows:

• Exempt Micro Enterprises (EME) – businesses with under R10 million annual turnover (based on the generic codes) – can submit either their B-BBEE Certificate (if they have been verified), or a sworn affidavit (please download affidavit here)
• Qualifying and large businesses, where turnover is above the R 10 million thresholds, can submit their B-BBEE Certificate (regardless of level), or an affidavit stating that they do not have a B-BBEE certificate and how they plan to comply with the requirement in the future

Assistance with applications and tracking

Members who are starting new applications can access full application details, forms and checklists, from the SATSA website –

Operators who would like SATSA to track their applications are reminded to send us the relevant application details (Company/Applicant Name, Company Registration/Applicant ID, Type of Application, # of Vehicles, date of submission to NPTR, Application/Reference Number, Contact Person’s details, the current status of application).

Industry meeting with NPTR Board

SATSA has been advised that the NPTR Board plans to meet directly with wheels operators. This will be an excellent opportunity for the industry to give direct feedback on the challenges and stumbling blocks that have been put in place. As soon as details of the workshops are available we will share with our members.

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