NPTR Application Guide

As most of you might be aware, before you transport passengers for gain, you need to have an Operating Licence issued by the National Public Transport Regulator (NPTR).

In addition to the Operating Licence, if you have more than 6 vehicles it is compulsory to complete an accreditation application as a tourist transport operator. Operators with less than 6 vehicles or who have existing operating licences can renew, replace, transfer or amend their operating licences with the NPTR without having to go through the accreditation process at this stage. The Minister of Transport will set a date in future as a deadline for anyone who has not undergone the accreditation process yet.

SATSA’s work with NPTR is two-fold. We try to assist on the application side through information and guidance as well as tracking applications that are delayed. This is done through a very fragile relationship with NPTR and unfortunately feedback is not as fast as we hope. From an industry point we are actively lobbying through provincial MEC’s and the Minister of Tourism as systemic changes are required to sort out this dilemma.

The NPTR application assistance work is done over and above our normal daily functions and it is important that members do not see this as outsourcing applications – it is and remain assistance and guidance only.

To ease the process for our SATSA Members we have tried to summarise the types of applications you can make and to provide clarity on which forms should be completed and which checklist should be adhered to. Please note that this can change at any stage and without any prior notice to SATSA.

Steps to follow:
1) Identify which application you should be making from the below list as well as the relating form and checklist
2) Download the required checklist and application forms, print and complete
3) Read through the checklist thoroughly and ensure that you supply all the required supporting documentation against the correct checklist
4) All copies (documents) must be certified by commissioner of oath not older than 3 months
5) Send your completed and full application to Tintswalo on for verification
6) If all documents are in order, a SATSA endorsement letter will be issued
7) You will then submit your application to NPTR using one of the below channels:
• Email: you are welcome to cc Tintswalo
• Fax: 012 309 3602
• Post: Department of Transport, Private Bag X 193, Pretoria, 0001, attention: NPTR Helpdesk
8) When you receive your application number, please inform Tintswalo and she will add your details to the NPTR Tracking database to assist SATSA to track your application
9) The processing of an application takes 60 working days (but often longer). During this period, you may be requested to submit additional documentation, and/or, be invited to a meeting with board members in Pretoria (NPTR Office) during the decision-making process
10) The application will also be advertised in the Government Gazette for a period of 21 days.
11) Once a decision has been made regarding your application you will receive a letter stating whether the application has been approved or declined along with supporting information

Click here to download and view the table guidelines 

NPTR Contact details:

Physical Address: Department of Transport, 159 Forum Building, Cnr Strubben & Bosman Street, Pretoria, 0001
Fax: 012 309 3602
Post: Department of Transport, Private Bag X193, Pretoria, 0001, Attention: NPTR Helpdesk

NPTR Banking details:

The applicants must make use of the following Bank account
ABSA Vermeulen Street
Branch code: 632005
Account Number: 4053620095
Reference number: “NPTR” personal ID Number or Company registration

Should you have any queries, or require assistance to complete the application, Tintswalo Mashale may be contacted on 011 886 9996 or

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