News from the Front – from SATSA COO, Hannelie Du Toit

Since taking the reins in January, one of my focus areas has been ensuring our membership application and review process is streamlined. In an effort to provide a better service to our members, we have reviewed our head office structure and how we use our internal resources.

We identified that having one person our members can work with from start to finish would potentially provide better benefits. To achieve this, we have appointed three Member Relationship Consultants.

The team comprises Pule Matela, who initially worked with us on a contract basis for our SME Market Access project and was identified as having the perfect skillset required for working with SATSA members. He joins Pat Henning, who has been our new member manager for a number of years, and Robi Roggerini, who has also been at SATSA for a while working on various projects and who proved her expertise in dealing with our members.

We believe we have an excellent team in place who will be able to form strong relationships with you, our members, and grow to understand your business. They are your first point of call at head office should you have any issues.

The new team forms part of SATSA’s growth strategy. Previously, we received enquiries from businesses expressing interest in becoming SATSA members, but were not able to process as quickly as we would have liked to. Now, these will be split between three consultants, allowing us to grow more efficiently while providing better and quicker service to our existing members.

The Member Relationship Consultants will also be involved in the annual review process which is currently underway, and your individual consultant will be in touch to guide you through this process.

All of these changes form part of our mission to drive greater value to our members – and this extends to the other projects we have on the go, from our SME Market Access project through to the trade show opportunities, along with implementing these internal changes to ensure we have the right resources in place.

We look forward to a bright future for SATSA – and are so glad to have you joining us on this journey.

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