New SATSA Sub-Committees Established

Dear SATSA Members

In alignment with the new SATSA MOI, a number of sub committees were established and a chair elected for each of these committees during our recent board meeting. These committees are designed to ensure both excellence and transparency for SATSA and to drive topical industry issues.

The first order of business for these sub-committees would be to develop the terms of reference in which they can operate. Thereafter, the various documents will be put out to the industry with the potential for co-opting members dependent on their skill set.

We are looking forward to a more robust, active and accountable voice for the industry at large.

The committees established are as follows:

Management Committee (ManCo) – Permanent

In terms of schedule 3(1) of the MOI, the board will have a ManCo and this committee shall be responsible in terms of the duties set out in the MOI. The ManCo would be a permanent committee of the board. The Chair of the Board would be the Chair of the ManCo: The Manco was confirmed as follows:

  1. Mr Gavin Courtenay –Chair (SATIB)
  2. Mr Tony Romer-Lee (PMR Hospitality)
  3. Mr Martin Jansen van Vuuren (Grant Thornton)
  4. Mr David Frost
  5. Ms Hannelie du Toit

Finance Committee (FinCom) – Permanent

The board had noted the significant responsibilities associated with the position of Treasurer and determined that a FinCom be appointed as support and guidance to the Treasurer. The FinCom would be a permanent committee of the board. The Chair of the FinCom would be the Treasurer. The FinCom would be responsible for all financial, insurance and related matters. The FinCom was confirmed as follows:

  1. Mr Martin Jansen van Vuuren – Chair
  2. Mr Kevin Watson (Sprout Consulting)
  3. Ms Hannelie du Toit
  4. Mr Hoosein Haffejee (SATSA Financial Manager)
  5. Mr Dewalt Dewald Cillie (SATIB)

Social, Ethics and Transformation Committee (SETCom) – Permanent

Based on feedback from the recent SATSA Conference around transformation, and due to the number of social and ethical responsibilities of companies and particularly a company such as SATSA, a permanent committee to monitor such initiatives on behalf of the board was required. Following discussion, the SETCom was confirmed as follows:

  1. Mr Collin Thaver – Chair (Southern Africa 360)
  2. Mr Julius Ramotse (Sun International)
  3. Ms Hannelie du Toit

Membership Committee – Temporary

A membership committee to review membership interaction, benefits and fees was appointed as follows:

  1. Ms Suzanne Benadie – Chair (Your Africa)
  2. Mr Rob Hetem – (Tcubed Consulting)
  3. Ms Hannelie du Toit

Animal Interaction Committee – Temporary

Again as a direct result from the SATSA Conference, a committee to review and oversee activities in terms of animal interaction was agreed upon. Ms Keira Powers was confirmed as the Chair and she will make recommendations at the next board meeting regarding further persons to assist her on the committee. In the meantime the committee is comprised as follows:

  1. Ms Keira Powers – Chair (Spirit of Africa)
  2. Ms Hannelie du Toit
  3. Mr David Frost

Yours in Tourism,

David Frost




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