Moderate Knysna water restrictions

We are pleased to inform you that the status of Knysna with regards to water restrictions as indicated on the Western Cape map, which appears on the Western Cape Water Wise tourism website, has been changed from “Severe Water Restrictions” to “Moderate Water Restrictions” at the request of Knysna Tourism.

This more accurately reflects the situation in Knysna where Level 3 water restrictions are in place to ensure the security of water for all users.

At the same time, we would like to remind all our residents and visitors, that Knysna is a water-scarce town so it is vital for everyone to be water wise.

While we are not as severely affected by the drought as other parts of the Western Cape, we should continue to encourage residents and visitors to be conscious of our limited water resources.

We must also ensure that the current situation does not negatively impact tourism, and continue to encourage business and leisure travellers to visit the area. We must ensure that tourists continue to visit our region and that events and conferences go ahead.

Click here to download the map

Knysna Tourism Board

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