The document list will help you complete your membership application.
The following documents are required to become a member.
Should you have additional questions feel free to contact us on the details below.

Financial Compliance

To be completed by your Auditor/Accountant or Independent Bookkeeper and printed on their company letterhead.
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  • Practitioner’s Compilation Report (CC or Sole Proprietor) or Audit Report or Independent Review (PTY) Ltds
  • Valid Tax clearance certificate or proof that it’s been applied for
  • Proof of payment of a once-off application fee of R2,030.00 – Banking details below

Insurance Compliance

Letter from your insurer stating the business is sufficiently insured for categories of operation/operations printed on Insurer’s letterhead. If your company does not physically interact with actual tourists, you will not be required to submit insurance documents.  For example a marketing representation company or technology provider would be exempt in this regard.
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Third Party Insurance

For companies who hire-in or Sub-contracts vehicles, we also require a copy of their insurance policy.
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Other Documents Required

  • Company registration documents
  • If your trading name differs much from your company name – proof of ownership by a trademark or defensive name is required
  • A passport of each director. When non-South African citizen, a copy of residency/work permit required
  • Copies of Road Transportation Permits for operators with vehicles

Optional Documents

  • BEE: A document reflecting proof of compliance with the relevant BEE scorecard
  • Grading: A copy of the grading (Tourism Grading Council of SA) certificate

Insurance Directive Brochure

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Banking Details

ABSA JAN SMUTS Account: SATSA Account No. 4069097511 Branch Code: 632005
NEDBANK SANDTON Account: SATSA Account No. 1933045914 Branch Code: 193305