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Love Limpopo is the story of a province..,.. an epic love story of wild open spaces, unique experiences and responsible accommodation, ranging from Rural Home Stays and campsites to five-star Safari Lodges.  This innovative new online platform, conceived of by the Traveling Circus team, is inspiring new ways of connection to the most incredible province in South Africa. Acting as an online hub to access Limpopo, we celebrate travel experiences found only in Limpopo.

“A long time ago, Limpopo wrote us a love letter and called us to the wild, unexplored spaces… to the starry nights… to the warm-hearted faces.  We have explored the hidden places of Limpopo… we have experienced her wild spirit.

From a birds-eye view on mountain peaks to the most secret centre of deep gorges… at a fireside where drums beat a true African rhythm telling tales of a thousand years in one moment….

We fell in love with the pulse… the rhythm.  We listened to the storytellers and connected to the tales told through African art.  We are in love with the people, the way life unfolds and the path comes up to meet you, creating connections and rediscovering your own rhythm and song in the beauty of Limpopo.”

Lisa Martus, Deon Pienaar and Neil Shaw, the directors of The Traveling Circus started Love Limpopo in 2017, because they felt that Limpopo wasn’t getting the kind of attention it deserves.  Since then, the followers on Facebook have rocketed and there is significant reach with the right people, because of the evocative content and inspiring stories about the province.

Love Limpopo is a platform connecting visitors to the inspiring people, immersive experiences and amazing spaces of Limpopo… inviting responsible, youthful and impact travelers to come to Limpopo and meet the music-makers, guides, conservationists, the wanderers, crafters, traditional healers, the artists, Do-ers and dreamers… to explore, discover and connect to the most beautiful province in South Africa.

Lisa says, “Love Limpopo is an online community, a collective of people who share a passion for the culture, wildlife, traditions, flavours, wild spaces and friendly faces of Limpopo.  It is a celebration of the rhythm, the true spirit of the Limpopo Province.’

Deon elaborates…’We want to create a space for all to thrive, a travel ecosystem bringing together the most incredible people within the province.  Taking a holistic approach allows the industry in Limpopo to grow; enables our communities to flourish and entices our travelers to fall in love with our beautiful province.’

Love Limpopo offers its members evocative content; significant reach to the right domestic markets via a dynamic online platform; access to the country’s top Tourism Trade Shows; support with responsible practices and training with a difference, as well as access to our network of responsible tour operators looking for lodges with heart and authentic, immersive experiences to create unique itineraries for their clients.

Love Limpopo comes from the passionate heart of The Traveling Circus, an organisation which is finding innovative solutions for the tourism  industry throughout Southern Africa.  ‘Tourism is evolving daily as trends adapt to global concerns. Travellers and businesses are more socially conscious and looking for connection; ways to participate in global sustainability. We saw a demand for impact-tourism and an opportunity to bring communities into that thriving ecosystem.  We believe in connections, community and collaboration,’ says Neil

We live in a modern paradox where we are more connected than ever before, but have never felt more isolated. The Traveling Circus operates as a connector within the tourism industry to create ecosystems that thrive, finding links and synergies in real time.

We are passionate about innovation with social impact – creating opportunities for emerging entrepreneurs, artists, guides and communities around tourism hubs and conservation areas to tap into the tourism value chain, leading to a long-term transformation of the social landscape within communities.

Neil believes that ‘with our diverse skills and experience in tourism, community-development and marketing, we are working towards a better world by actively connecting all role-players and by emphasising empowerment, inclusivity and sustainability.’  The  founders of the Traveling Circus have been active in the Limpopo tourism landscape for more than twenty years and have built relationships with a large network of tourism product owners across the province as well as numerous local communities, artists, crafters, local guides, and also the various entities and organisations involved in the public sector.

‘We want to actively connect ‘powerhouse’ organisations like SATSA and SAYTC with NGOs, micro-enterprises, domestic and international travellers, permaculture projects, recycling / up-cycling projects and training centres into a holistic social hive, a place for change. We believe that by working to grow resilient communities, that are healthy, educated, and have access to opportunities, we can break the poverty cycle, mitigate against the feeling of disconnect that is occurring within our rural communities, and build a more sustainable local economy  to create a better future,’ says Deon.

Lisa is passionate about the potential for the dynamic people within the tourism industry in Limpopo to collaborate to tell their incredible stories so that visitors can make the best travel decisions enabling them to make meaningful connections, have authentic, immersive experiences and life-changing adventures.  She says, ’we know you love this province as much as we do. Let’s work together.  Let’s love Limpopo.’  Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or Connect with Lisa on 082 200 4596 / 011 083 8280 or


If you want to become part of the Traveling Circus ecosystem, contact Deon, Lisa or Neil

+27 11 083  8280

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