Introductory Tier (2 years)

Includes all SATSA benefits i.e. bonding, voting etc.
Membership in this tier is only available to companies with a gross turnover of less than R5 million and who have not been a SATSA member previously.
Introductory members can take advantage of this level for a two-year period, after which they will automatically move into the next relevant SATSA Tier unless a motivation is approved by SATSA for a further 2 years.
Annual membership cost: R3,871.00  per year (incl. 15% VAT and bonding).

First Tier:

For businesses with a gross turnover of under R20 million.
Includes voting rights.
Annual membership cost: R6,445.00 per year  (incl. 15% VAT and bonding).

Second Tier:

For businesses with a gross turnover between R20 million – R200 million.
Annual membership cost: R19,367.00 per year  (incl. 15% VAT and bonding).

Third Tier:

For members with turnovers exceeding R200 million.
Annual membership cost: R45,186.00  per year  (incl. 15% VAT and bonding).

Strategic Partnership:

For public sector associations.
Does not include voting rights, but gives considerable networking advantages.
No fee levied.

  • Private sector associations:  Must join at First tier level.
  • Bonding is included and compulsory for all approved members.
  • SATSA reserves the right to charge 2% interest pm 90 days after date of invoice.

On Application

A non-refundable APPLICATION FEE OF R 2,150.00  (incl. 15% VAT) is required.
ALL supporting documents should be sent at the same time.

Please note:

No documentation will be processed without payment of this application fee.

All cheque payments are to be payable to: Southern Africa Tourism Services Association

Bank: Nedbank
Branch: Sandown
Branch Code: 193305
Account #: 1933 045914
Bank: ABSA
Branch: Jan Smuts
Branch Code: 63 2005
Account #: 406 909 7511

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