Following the devastating fires, Knysna Tourism has launched its #KnysnaRises logo, which shows the Knysna loerie/turaco rising like a phoenix from the “flames” and was inspired by the message that Knysna is rising from the ashes.

Knysna Tourism chairperson, Elmay Bouwer said that the logo, which has already gone viral on social media, is part of a PR campaign which aims to address the concerns of the public that Knysna was destroyed by the 10-day fire.

“The perception is that Knysna is no longer operational. People are wondering whether to cancel their bookings, and some are planning to change their Knysna itineraries. We need to get the message across that Knysna suffered a fair amount of damage but was by no means destroyed and is definitely open for business and welcoming visitors.”

Dominic Morel of 2Heads Advertising says the inspiration for the logo was all around him. “To see a town pull together like this is amazing, so sitting down to design it was a pleasure. The obvious choice was the traditional ‘Phoenix-rising-from-the-ashes’, but the design had to have a local twist (the loerie) and fit with Knysna Tourism’s corporate identity”.

Morel says that the work on the #KnysnaRises campaign creative was also done free of charge: “Tourism, like so many thousands of individuals, was an incidental victim of the fire. We have all volunteered to help during and after the disaster, and assisting Knysna to get this message out is no different. I love this town… it’s that simple.”

“I’m blown away by the positive feedback on social media… people ‘get it’, and I feel honoured to be a part of supporting locals to rebuild this beautiful place,” adds Morel.

Bouwer said that Knysna Tourism is working on encouraging local establishments to work together to accommodate guests and tour groups whose bookings have been affected by the fires. “I’m overwhelmed by how our accommodation establishments are working together to ensure that Knysna retains its local and international bookings, both current and future. We want to get the message out to the travel trade that we still have thousands of beds available in Knysna and 90% of our activities are still operational. Knysna is definitely still open for business.”

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