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Jock Safari Lodge

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Before the turn of the century, the lure of gold brought men from all corners of the world to the Transvaal. They passed through some of Africa’s most scenic untamed wilderness. It is in this area that Jock Safari Lodge is based, with our southern boundary being the old wagon route from Delagoa Bay into the interior. Today the wilderness experience we offer is unchanged. It is an area noted for its diversity in game, particularly the BIG FIVE.

Jock has breathtaking topography and 2 pristine rivers originating within the borders of the national park with no alien vegetation in the rivers. The rivers flow only if there is enough rainfall.

The concept of Jock Safari Lodge was born by the descendants of the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick and Niven Family. They used the funds of the trust of Sir Fitzpatrick, to build the Companies lodge in the area close to where the history of Sir Percy Fitzpatrick & his dog Jock, took place. The Southern boundry is the old Voortrekker road, which was the transport route for supplies from the Delego bay which is now Maputo, up to the gold fields at Pilgrims Rust areas. The Jock concession is the exact side profile of Jock the dog.

In 1982 the Niven Family built a fence around the camp and that helped in preserving all the trees from destruction by visiting elephants. The conservation-conscious Niven family also planted indigenous trees within the fenced area & they have grown to create an ambience under a canopy of shade different to the exposed wilderness just outside of the lodge.

The Legend of JockThe concept was born by the descendants of the Sir Percy Fitzpatrick the Niven Family. The Jock concession area is the exact side profile of Jock the dog. There is still a lot of interest in Jock. Richard Kipling on hearing Sir Fitspatrick telling war stories to his children encouraged him to write the adventures of Jock.

The Jock Safari Lodge comprises three separate lodges, namely the Main Jock, Fitzpatrick Family Lodge and the Explore camp. Fitzpatrick's Lodge offers personal service in an intimate atmosphere. Perfect for small parties and families.

  • 3 spacious tents
  • Activity gift pack for children
  • Air Conditioner
  • Arts; crafts and games for kids
  • Camping supplies
  • Child minding
  • Electronic safe
  • En-suite bathroom with outdoor shower
  • Hairdryer
  • International dial telephone
  • Outdoor activities for kids
  • Private mini bar
  • Tea and coffee facilities
Traversing through the reserve, the wildlife is sometimes staggering in its diversity. Enthralling sightings of elephants, a sea of buffalo horns rising from the grass as they lie resting in the growing heat as well as prides of lions, awaits one.

  • Birdwatching
  • Dry river cruise
  • Enjoy viewing Rock Art
  • Game Drives
  • Game walks
  • Golf
  • Junior ranger training
  • Kids activities
  • Nith walk within the camp
  • Relaxation retreat
  • Stargazing
  • Sundowners at dusk
  • Visit Stevenson Hamilton Museum Skukuza
  • Wildlife photography

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Kruger National Park, 35Km from Malelane Gate
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Louis Strauss
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