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Active Africa was established in 2001 from a desire to shift from the corporate routine to a venture that combined our passion for outdoor pursuits with an appetite for travel. Based in Cape Town, South Africa, the company initially operated a variety of walking, trekking and adventure programs within Southern Africa. By 2006, under sole ownership, we had focused our efforts on an area that was keeping us extremely busy – guiding and tour leading.

We soon found ourselves leading trips to the far corners of the continent and before long, the other side of the world became another corner of the office. With the collaboration of affiliate guides, the company has evolved into a tourism resource providing guiding and operational services to tour operators and independent travellers worldwide.

We could describe the ‘who’ of Active Africa as a group of exceptional guides; but we are so much more than that, with many years of collective tourism consulting, guiding and tour leading experience in Africa and worldwide. Whether your interest is a cultural exchange with a remote African community, savouring the culinary art of the best chefs, touching ancient wilderness on a classic African safari, cycling through desert landscapes or ascending the icy summit of Kilimanjaro, all of our guides are intimately familiar with Africa, offering expert leadership and local knowledge that only comes from personal experience.

Active Africa specialises in small group and private touring and, as the name suggests, we love to offer the active option. Why have someone else drive when you can ride? Why take the train when you can walk? We offer both iconic sites and off-track trips on bicycle and foot and even where we drive or use small coaches, we’ll be sure to include a walk, a kayak or something that raises the heart rate just a little.

  • Cultural and Safari Experiences
  • Escorted Biking Trips
  • Escorted Expedtions
  • Escorted Walking Trips
  • Guide and tour leading
  • Intimately familiar with Africa
  • Local Knowledge
  • Tourism resource
  • Trip design
Active Africa operates walking, bicycle and trekking trips throughout Africa. We specialise in offering both regular tourist attractions and unusual travel experiences in active ways. We are not adventure tour operators - we prefer to walk, bike or hike instead of drive, but we place an emphasis on good food, fine wine and cotton sheets with a high thread count. See Africa our way!

  • Cultural experiences
  • Escorted cycling tours
  • Escorted expeditions
  • Escorted walking tours
  • Guided Safaris
  • Independent trip management

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