Update: Industry Action Against NPTR

As published last week, SATSA continues to engage with stakeholders to tackle NPTR issue. We would like to give you a quick update, including the response that we received from NPTR, and ask for your assistance:

Through lobbying from SATSA and TBCSA, the National Department of Tourism facilitated NPTR Industry Outreach Workshops in Gauteng/North West, Western Cape and KwaZulu-Natal between April and May 2019.

Industry was asked to relay the challenges they face directly to the NPTR and its board. During the workshops, it was agreed that SATSA would provide an official response and that the NPTR would respond within 30 days. Please click here for a copy of the letter that was submitted 14 May 2019 and here for the response received from NPTR.

We continue to make use of every available channel and platform to push our agenda. The NPTR issue was raised by TBCSA at a meeting of all Department Director Generals held on 30 April 2019 and a letter will be submitted to President Cyril Ramaphosa, as soon as the dust settles following the elections and cabinet announcements.

We are now moving forward with our strategy to develop a media campaign. Through lobbying of affected industry players, an opportunity also presented itself last week for Carte Blanche to investigate the matter.

What we now need to do is gather more information from industry and vet our current tracking sheet thoroughly. Should Carte Blanche go ahead, the focus must be on the human element of the story i.e. businesses that have closed or shrunk, retrenchments and job losses as a direct result of the NPTR fiasco.

Our call is for the industry to stand together and make our voice heard. We need details of any outstanding applications with NPTR, whether SATSA member or not, and how this has affected your business. Information required includes: 

  • Company / Individual Name + Registration Number / ID (that the application was made for)
  • Date of submission to NPTR
  • Type of Application
  • Number of Vehicles
  • Reference Number (if provided)
  • Current Status
  • Impact on your business
  • Contact person details 

Please send any enquiries or submissions to NPTR@satsa.co.za as soon as possible.

We are looking forward to gaining additional traction with this issue.

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