Immigration Queues

We have noted the concerns raised by members and the media regarding lengthy delays and queues at immigration at SA’s international airports as a result of the Department of Home Affairs new biometric system.

Our members can rest assured that we are on the job and making every effort to try and get a positive resolution.

We have raised our concerns with the Minister of Tourism, Derek Hanekom, while at the same time working closely with our fellow associations, specifically BARSA (the Board of Airline Representatives of South Africa) and AASA (the Airline Association of Southern Africa), through the TBCSA to engage with the Department of Home Affairs. As was the case with the visa regulations and unabridged birth certificates, Home Affairs remains impervious to any proper discussion around the matter.

Given the severity and magnitude of the problem, the TBCSA has written to the Deputy President, as the convener of the Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) on the visa regulations, to ask for his urgent intervention so that we can reach an amicable resolution on the situation.

Unfortunately, there is no ‘magic wand’ when addressing matters such as this, but we will continue to pursue every avenue available to us on behalf of our members with the goal of removing any unnecessary hurdles that cause damage to our businesses and reputation as a welcoming tourism destination.

Yours in tourism,
David Frost

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