Get to know SATSA: Virginia Modau

If you have not met her personally, chances are that you’ve had the pleasure of having a quick chat with Virginia Modau at SATSA’s head office in Rosebank.

How exactly she became part of the SATSA team remains a mystery to even Virginia, but one that she sees was written in the stars and meant to be. She cannot remember when she sent her CV through, but one day she got the call and it changed her life. Virginia has been with SATSA since the beginning of May 2018.

Speaking passionately about her role at SATSA, for Virginia this year’s Annual SATSA Conference held at the Boardwalk Hotel in Port Elizabeth in July, was a personal highlight with her first flight ever and her first experience of the ocean. It was an event that led her to discover her thirst for travel and wanting to explore South Africa.

“Attending the conference opened my eyes to the many opportunities that not only the Eastern Cape has to offer local travellers, but also that there is still much more to South Africa we all can discover,” says Virginia.
Virginia adds that it is the opportunities and the need for discovery which led her to, after the conference, arrange a family trip with her husband and two sons to the Eastern Cape.

“I was truly amazed at the various activities that are on offer for different age groups, but especially for families.”

More so, Virginia adds that, seeing her two sons’ pure childlike appreciation for things that adults often take for granted was probably the what made the experience so much more special.

“Getting to see them play on the beach and experience the ocean for the first time was a beautiful sight. We also had the thrill of zip-lining, kayaking and the lilo activity with Untouched Adventures, which the entire family enjoyed immensely.”

Now that the travel bug has bitten not just in her professional life, but also within her family sphere, South Africa and probably the world should prepare themselves for Virginia and the Modau family.

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