SATSA’s Board Members oversee policy decisions concerned with the running of the organisation and is a member-elected committee.  The day-to-day running of the association is managed by the SATSA National Office under the guidance of an appointed Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operating Office and support staff.   SATSA Chapters are lead by Chapter Chairs and their own committees in turn.

Johan Hattingh
Gavin Courtenay
National President & Insurance
Mohamed Baba
National Vice-President & Transport
Kevin Watson
Martin Jansen van Vuuren
Market Intelligence portfolio
Tony Romer-Lee
Hospitality Liaison portfolio
Jenny Briscoe
Skills & Guiding portfolio
Francois Grove
Iain Meaker
Domestic Airlift portfolio
Theresa Emerick
Technology portfolio
Charles Drewe
Graeme Watson
Suzanne Benadie
International Source Market Intelligence portfolio
Evelien Klokman
Illana Clayton
Brett Jury
Keira Powers
David Frost
Hannelie Du Toit
Chief Operations Officer