An update on the NPTR

We are aware that there is a great deal of frustration as a result of the backlog and the problems currently being experienced with the National Public Transport Regulator (NPTR).

The SATSA COO, Hannelie Du Toit and myself met with the Chief Director responsible for the NPTR, Jits Patel and his team last week. Patel acknowledged the challenges, which we elaborated on in the meeting.

As SATSA we will continue to put pressure on the Department and NPTR to find workable solutions and to assist our members through the process. I will also be raising the issue with our new Minister of Tourism at the earliest opportunity.

The Department informed us that the delays are a result of insufficient staff to process applications and accreditations, limited telephone access and an outdated IT system. While procurement approval has been granted for a new IT platform, this still needs to go out to tender and it will be at least 12 to 18 months before the new system is in place.

They have also encountered problems with subsidiary companies. If your business has several subsidiaries, when you apply, please ensure you include details on the structure of your business so that you do not experience additional delays.

A positive development has been that we have established that businesses with less than seven vehicles will not have to go through the accreditation process at this stage to add a new vehicle. If you already have existing Operating Licenses and want to add vehicles (up to seven) you can apply for a new Operating License using Form 1A. We also established that operators with less than six vehicles will not need to undergo inspections during the accreditation process.

We urgently need your assistance to properly represent you to the NPTR. We have developed a tracking sheet to collate your application information. This will assist us to engage and negotiate with them on your behalf.

Please click here and fill in all the required details on the tracking spreadsheet and submit this to Patricia Dilotsotlhe on as soon as possible.

To reiterate, with the tracking information in hand we will continue to do everything we can to present your case to the NPTR and work with them to identify possible solutions.

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