1Tick: Benefiting the SA Travel Trade

1tickThe current problem in the travel trade market is that all indemnities are done on paper.

Forms need to be printed at a cost, forms get lost, forms need to be stored somewhere, there is no way off tracking demographics, and there is high admin cost of scanning and copying the information and also unreadable data.

As a legal document, these forms need to be saved for at least 3-5 years. If something happens and the signed form is not available it could mean trouble.

With the expected growth of the tourism industry in SA and Africa in the next 10 years and with more international tourist frequenting our shores it will be vital to have your business ready.

One aspect of it will be indemnities and consent forms. Agents, Tourists (individuals) will demand these to be in place before sending clients. It needs to be secure, POPI compliant and GDPR compliant.

Being on the go and confirming bookings it is vital to get the paperwork done – so, why not go digitally!

What the travel trade get:

• Cloud-based solution that’s active on 24/7, 365 days a year
• Secure
• No printing, no paper, no scanning, no faxing, no physical storage, no unreadable data
• Electronic law compliant
• POPI Law compliant
• Demographics of each member travelling
• All your data saved forever
• Everything in one place
• Build your own indemnity based on your current paper-based solution
• Add fields or delete fields
• Export data to excel – if required
• And more…

What does 1tick.co.za do:

Taking the hassle away for the travel trade by getting indemnities and consent forms signed digitally. No paper no fuss and secure.

Log in to your account from anywhere and start creating your indemnities. Create as many as you like and simply send the client or agent a link via WhatsApp, email, message and let them sign via their own device, smartphone, desktop or laptop. See all your data over time and get true analytics of your clients, where they from, age group, male/female,


To view an example of how a local DMC is using the 1Tick platform, click here.

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